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Playthrough: “Rising Oblivion” from Fractal Universe!

Hailing from Nancy in France, Progressive Death Metallers Fractal Universe have let drummer Clement Denys take a turn in the light with a whirlwind playthrough for “Rising Oblivion“. The video has surfaced via label Metal Blade Records just a handful of days before their second album “Rhizomes Of Insanity” reaches its first Anniversary!  

Playthrough: “Emergent Evolution” from Obscura!

While unveiling the European Mainland tour for current album “Dilvium” in February 2020 with Dethroned, Fractal Universe and Thulcandra, German Progressive Death Metallers Obscura have asked guitarist Steffen Kummerer to record a playthrough video for “Emegent Evolution”. If you’ve not had the pleasure of “Dilvium”, what are you waiting for?!