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Documentary: Behind “Devoid” with Carcosa!

Perhaps with Angelmaker working on a new album, Canadian Deathcore project Carcosa will take a back seat until Johnny Ciardullo has more time, but it hasn’t stopped guitarist Andrew Baena from sharing this behind the scenes video from the video shoot of recent single “Devoid“. It was shot by Ravencraft Creative with the track being

NEWS: Carcosa return with “Devoid”!

From out of nowhere British Columbia, Canada Deathcore quartet Carcosa have dropped a new single, while the corpse of their last EP “Absent” is still very much warm in the mortuary. Entitled “Devoid“, it has also surfaced with a full track breakdown video from guitarist Andrew Baena and has once again been mixed by Ty

Playthrough: “Absent: Post” from Carcosa!

Looking at the merch drop for Winter from Canadian Deathcore crew Carcosa (Angelmaker, ex-Galactic Pegasus) and they’ve gone with a Hot Sauce named after their track “Vanta Black” which… comes with a disclaimer “This sauce is VERY hot. Due to the extreme hot nature of this product, this product shall be used as a food

Playthrough: “Vanta Black” from Carcosa!

There are only five cuts on the debut EP from Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa so Andrew Baena has pretty much drained the well dry for the eight string playthrough videos at this point with this one for “Vanta Black“. That’s not to say that “Absent” doesn’t rip because it absolutely does, we have just been

Playthrough: “Present” by Carcosa!

When Canadian Deathcore collective Galactic Pegasus dissolved, no one expected the core of the band to return so soon. The axis of evil that is 8 string merchant Andrew Baena is joined by Johnny Ciardullo of Angelmaker fame in Carcosa and if you’ve not heard their music before, this playthrough of “Present” from their debut

Review: “Absent” by Carcosa

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus comes Carcosa, a Deathcore quartet from Vancouver in British Columbia Canada that feature three former members of the outfit. Most fans will recognize Andrew Baena (Guitars, Vocals, Programming) from his YouTube project and Johnny Ciardullo (Vocals, Programming) as the guitarist in Angelmaker and this new

Documentary: The Making of “Absent” by Carcosa!

As if releasing a music video for “Vanta Black” on release day wasn’t enough, Canadian Deathcore quartet Carcosa did a live stream that went track by track through the entirety of their debut EP “Absent” and goes in deep on specific instruments, sections and lyrics from each song. It’s out now, go check it out.

NEWS: Carcosa celebrate “Absent” with “Vanta Black”!

Earlier today British Columbia, Canada residents Carcosa dropped their debut EP “Absent” and to celebrate have also dropped an anvil heavy music video for “Vanta Black“. Formed from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus, the bands EP runs 16 skull crushing minutes with “Our Scars” and “A Plague” appearing before the release. You can order a

Playthrough “Our Scars” from Carcosa!

In drop E tuning with pitch shifts -5 at the end making it double drop A for the outro, the second single “Our Scars” from Canadian Deathcore merchants Carcosa has been given a playthough video by guitarists Andrew Baena. 19th August will see the band, who feature in their ranks former members of Galactic Pegasus,

NEWS: Carcosa crush Mudvayne!

What if… Canadian Deathcore quartet Carcosa played “Dig” by Mudvayne? Well guitarist Andrew Baena and vocalist Johnny Ciardullo join forces to play a downtuned Deathcore version of the bands classic track. Carcosa have set 19th August for their debut EP “Absent” to drop with singles “Our Scars” and “A Plague” out now.