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Bootleg: Gatecreeper at Ieperfest 2022!

How about a full 45 minute multi cam pro shot set courtesy of Nick Tronckoe Media that captures Gatecreeper doing what they do best, needlework, at Ieperfest 2022? There are literally four cameras worth of footage spliced together like Frankenstein’s Monster with some serious editing to put this together and if you look closely you

Bootleg: Gatecreeper in Glasgow Scotland!

When unlike a Snickers a full pro-shot set from Gatecreeper at Slay in Glasgow on 6th July isn’t enough to satisfy alone, David Tan rolls up his sleeves and adds to it the dedicated drum cam footage for the entire set from Matt Arrebollo. Now that’s what we call service with a smile! Credit where

Bootleg: Gatecreeper in Oakland California!

Curtesy of Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV, a pair of cuts from the 12th May Oakland California stop at the Starline Social Club of the current Gatecreeper tour have surfaced. The Old School Death Metal quintet based out of Arizona have been ripping up the road with Narrow Head, 200 Stab Wounds and Fearing

NEWS: Thrall share second single from “Schisms”!

Returning after seven years in the wilderness are Melbourne based Black Metal collective Thrall, a band who dropped the critically acclaimed “Aokigahara Jukai” before disappearing off the face of the Earth. A new line up that features members of Gatecreeper, Noose Rot, ex-Extinct Exist, Förfalla, Slothferatu, ex-Ruins, Mar Mortuum and Myotragus has recorded a new album

NEWS: Thrall return from the wilderness with “Tyrant”!

It seems that not all who wander are lost as after seven long years Melbourne Australia based Black Metal collective Thrall have returned having departed after their critically acclaimed album “Aokigahara Jukai” was released. A fresh line up that features members of Gatecreeper, Noose Rot, ex-Extinct Exist, Förfalla, Slothferatu, ex-Ruins, Mar Mortuum and Myotragus has

Bootleg: Gatecreeper in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Those self confessed creators of Arizona cave man music Gatecreeper have announced that they will be joining Obituary, Municipal Waste, Enforced and Spirit World on the Decibel Magazine January and February US tour that will take them from Tampa to Richmond in double quick time. Sadly we will have to wait until December to witness

Interview: Gatecreeper on Mosh Talks!

Ahead of their pay per view live stream home town show at the Cresent Ballroom in Phoenix Arizona on 19th February (tickets here), Beez from Knotfest chats with Chase Mason from Gatecreeper in the latest episode of Mosh Talks. The conversation runs into how the Death Metallers plan to move from Underground to House hold

Review: “Katharsis” by Mustasuo

In 2016 Matsumoto unleashed their plague upon an unsuspecting World with a debut album of seven vicious cuts simply entitled “7“. Their power trio consisting of Antti Saarilampi on guitars & vocals, Tomi Luimula on drums and Christopher Livingstone on bass & vocals formulating a mix of styles that cross Black Metal with Crust Punk,

NEWS: Gatecreeper Announce Summer European Tour!

Interestingly Arizona based Death Metallers  Gatecreeper have today announced a wealth of European tour dates around Festival appearances with a quintet of UK shows set for July. They dropped their Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou produced sophomore album “Deserted” via Relapse Records in 2019 and have a quartet of shows in Germany with genre peers Obituary…

NEWS: Gatecreeper in July desertion!

Arizona Death Metal merchants Gatecreeper have announced at UK headlinging tour… Immediately after Tech-Fest. So what are the chances of them being announced as part of the upcoming second wave of bands to appear at the annual event? The band will be playing the below shows in support of their new album, “Deserted”, which saw