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Review: “Goatacalypse” by Bite The Goat

Saint Petersburg, Russia isn’t necessary the first place you’d think of as being home to a Technical Progressive Deathcore act. Mind you, would you even think that the words ‘Technical‘ and ‘Progressive‘ could be used to describe Deathcore? Well… Why not? If you can have Skate Punk Thrash then you can have Technical Progressive Deathcore.

NEWS: Bite The Goat take on “(Sic)” by Slipknot!

Maybe it’s just us but it seems like for a while there has been a fair amount of Stone Sour in the work Slipknot and that as fans, we might like them to return to the heavier sounds of previous records. Saint Petersburg Russia is home to a Deathcore collective with a fantastic name in

Playthrough: “Retribution” from Bite The Goat!

After last week’s instrumental “Coronatime”, Saint Petersburg Russia based Deathcore Merchants Bite The Goat have returned to their EP “Goatapocalypse” for a guitar playthrough video of “Retribution“. If you buy their merch, what have you got? A goat tee! OMG. Don’t give up the day job? Yeah. If only “Coronatime” was Mexican Beer time…

NEWS: Bite The Goat call “Coronatime” on Saint-Petersburg!

When Russian Progressive Deathcore crew Bite The Goat drop a new single, it’s always going to be so heavy that Saint-Petersburg shakes like an Earthquake just happened. Sadly “Coronatime” isn’t an ode to the pale lager produced by Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo and commonly served with a wedge of lime. But it is a brutal

Playthrough: “I Am God” from Bite The Goat!

Saint Petersburg, Russia is home to Bite The Goat, a Progressive Deathcore act that embrace Technical aspects with their full length October 2019 released debut “Goatapocalypse” which is available over at bandcamp. They have put together this 8 string festival of a guitar playthrough for “I Am God” to demonstrate the power of their inner