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NEWS: Godendshere prepare for the fall!

The wait is almost over. Wanting to raise hell in 2021, Dallas Texas hate crew Godendshere have finally announced 13th February for their debut EP “Heaven Never Existed“. The record will have previously released single “Mother Death” and this new rager “The Fallen Ones“, recorded in house by guitarist Carlton Oej and mixed and mastered

NEWS: GodEndsHere announce “Mother Death” with “Decaying Cycle”!

Recorded mixed & mastered by Jeff Green at Vicious Cycle Production and with a video by Austin Thurman, Dallax Texas Beatdown Deathcore act GodEndsHere have finally shared something from their upcoming album “Mother Death“. They’ve chosen “Decaying Cycle” which features a guest appearance from Fabien of Desperate┬áto do just that.

NEWS: Decimus have a “Stillborn Soul”!

Bringing that infamous Texas heat, Dallas natives Decimus are joined for a guest vocal appearance Matt from Godendshere for new song “Stillborn Soul”! The Deathcore crew haven’t yet told us when but the track comes from an EP entitled “Envenomate” expected to stream via Chugcore Promotions before it appears everywhere else!

NEWS: GodEndsHere make their debut with “Bitter”!

Making their debut with this first single “Bitter” are Fort Worth Texas Metallic Hardcore quartet GodEndsHere! This lyric video forms part of a twin headed hydra with “My Decline” also appearing on Spotify and iTunes! Stand well back, they bring that famed Texas heat!