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NEWS: Electron feel the burn…

They may have only launched their debut album “Defiance” last year but feeling that creative spark Electron have continued to write and in doing so have prepared for us an EP in “Hollow” set for 24th March. For the purpose the band collaborated with Grammy Award nominee producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral

NEWS: Hauntologist premier “Ozymandian”!

A pair of musicians known for their prior convictions in Owls Woods Graves, Over the Voids, Mgła and Kriegsmaschine have quietly been working away on a project in the background, the fruits of which will come to fruition on 2nd February 2024. That’s when their debut album “Hollow” will see release via No Solace under

NEWS: Bohemian Grove set August dates!

Kings of the North Bohemian Grove have announced they will once again be taking the collosal “Hollow” live for a weekender in August! The Deathcore quintet have special guests In Depths and Deference lined up for the trio of shows. If you happen to be in the Sheffield area on the 29th June you can

Bootleg: Landmvrks love “Winter”!

Filmed at I’espace Julien in their home town of Marseille France, here’s footage of Landmvrks performing “Winter” from 2016’s “Hollow”. The band dropped new album “Fantasy” last week via Arising Empire (check out our review!) and will join While She Sleeps and Stray From The Path upon our shores in February!

Riff Police #15: Emmure Vs Bohemian Grove!

It’s not an iconic riff but it is certainly one that stands out. A lead guitar part at the start of an Emmure track from their now former Guitarist Jesse Ketive is something rare enough that it stands out against the bands back catalogue. “A Voice From Below” is certainly a moment on 2011’s solid

Review: “Hollow” by Bohemian Grove

Since there inception 5 years ago in 2013, Bohemian Grove have been cutting their own path through the opposition in the Deathcore World with their fusion of tech-metal and electronica into the core sound. Since then, the six piece Northern wrecking ball hailing from the Leeds & York area have smashed their way through a

NEWS: Bohemian Grove release live clips from Denmark!

Bohemian Grove have posted a couple of (unfortunately) short audio snippets from the Copenhagen, Denmark stop of their 2017 European tour with Asking Alexandria  & The Word Alive. “Demons” and “Refuse to be a Martyr” are both from the bands current 2017 album “Hollow” which is out via Duckphone Records. A single upcoming tour date on 25th