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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Torn.

Going straight Punk Goes Pop style for this week’s head to head we’ve chosen to send down to the fight arena a pair of covers of “Torn” made perhaps more famous by Australian songstress Natalie Imbruglia but actually being a cover of a song by American Rockers Ednaswap, that featured on their 1997 album “Wacko

NEWS: Aristic return to Australian Soap…

…as Johan Segerström of Human Machinery sent his regular collaborator Niklas Runstad of Artistic a demo of him performing a cover of “Torn“, a song made famous by Natalie Imbruglia in the 90s. Runstad ran with the idea and together the pair released the double A side single “Makeover” last month, returning to it for

NEWS: Aristic climb the lemon tree…

Following an apocalyptic plot line with Pandemics, Radiation and Nature threatening Humanity’s very existence, Gothenburg Sweden based Progressive Metalcore project Aristic have released a music video for their cover of “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden. The cut is one of two on their double A side “Make Over” that sees Johan Segerström of Human Machinery join

Exclusive Interview: Aristic talk collaborations and cover songs!

Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, multi instrumentalist Niklas Runstad has been releasing a steady stream of music under the moniker Aristic, solo project with guest vocalists that sees him playing in a multitude of styles from the Progressive to Metalcore and so much more. Last week saw him unveil his latest endeavour, a two track

Review: “Make Over” by Aristic

Back in September 2019 multi-instrumentalist Niklas Runstad released “Dimensions” under the moniker Aristic, a project which initially saw him joined by different vocalists from local Metal bands in Sweden. That album has seven different vocalists across eight tracks and mixes Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive in a Witches cauldron produced by Mathias Rexius and mixed and

Exclusive Interview: Aristic talk Writing and Recording!

Niklas Runstad is fast becoming something of a legend in these parts. A multi-instrumentalist hailing from Gothenburg Sweden, he’s been creating music under the name Aristic with elements of Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive Metal before inviting a different vocalist to appear on each track he creates. His debut album “Dimensions” has been a regular on

NEWS: Aristic returns with “Elements”!

Swedish one-man DJent project Aristic has returned with a new track, his first since November 2019 debut full length “Dimensions“. The record saw a different guest vocalist on each track and for the new song “Elements“, Aristic has returned to Johan Segerstorm of Human Machinery who appeared on “Sirius” on the album. The track comes

Review “Dimensions” by Aristic

A one man project with a mix Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive, Aristic aka Niklas Runstad hails from Gothenburg Sweden. For his debut full length album, he’s invited seven different vocalists from local Metal bands in Sweden to appear on his Instrumental work in the hope that they can increase their own fan bases as well