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Playthrough: “Second Skin” from Currents!

When you’re a musician getting endorsements is pretty much key to survival, so Currents guitarist Chris Wiseman has recorded this playthrough video for “Second Skin” from the bands SharpTone Records fourth studio album “The Way It Ends” which shows off his Ibanez RGR752HBF model as well as the song. Two birds, one stone.  

Playthrough: “Poverty Of Self” from Currents!

When “The Place I Feel Safest” brought Currents to our attention with its DJent infused Metalcore and Nu-Metal introspective lyrics we were hooked but “Poverty Of Self“, the first single from their fourth studio album “The Way It Ends” hit, it was a whole new level for them. So here’s drummer Matt Young performing the

Playthrough: “Into Despair” from Currents!

It might seem like forever since the last one but there were actually live shows in 2020 and The Loft in Atlanta Georgia saw Currents decimate the audience. Here’s “Into Despair” from their record “I Let The Devil In” with a dedicated drum cam trained on Matt Young so you can pick up some of

Interview: Currents talk “The Way It Ends”!

Connecticut bruisers Currents are set for their third long player “The Way It Ends” via SharpTone Records on 5th June, with a trio of singles “Second Skin“, “A Flag To Wave” and “Poverty Of Self“ already on our playlist. The band got together for a split screen Q&A chat with the help of Sound Rink Live

Bootleg: Currents in St Paul, Minnesota!

It can’t be too long before a new album from Currents appears on the horizon, can it? They’ve dropped a pair of new singles in “Poverty of Self” and “Second Skin” since December 2018’s “I Let The Devil In” EP and it has to be said that both are in amongst the DJent infused Nu-Metalcore

NEWS: Currents have their “Second Skin”!

Currently out with Silent Planet in the US, Connecticut DJent infused Nu-Metalcore act Currents have unveiled a second new single since EP “I Let The Devil In“. Going by the name “Second Skin“, it’s been pushed by SharpTone Records and they will be joining label mates Polaris in Europe in May for “The Death Of

Playthrough: “Forever Marked” from Currents!

When May and “The Death Of Me” tour lands it’s Viking Long Ship upon our shores, we’ll be honest and say we don’t know which of the bands on the bill we’re looking forward to seeing the most. Polaris, Varials, Currents and Alpha Wolf has to go down as an impressive collection in anyone’s book.

Playthrough: “Withered” by Currents”!

In this latest drum cam footage, sticksman Matt Young performs “Withered” with Currents live at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year. Having released “I Let The Devil In” via SharpTone Records this time last year and with new single “Poverty Of Self” appearing at the end of November, the band will be back

NEWS: Currents believe in healing the “Poverty Of Self”?

…and just when you thought it was safe, Currents have released a band new track entitled “Poverty Of Self” which Gecko described as “Currents bringing out heavier stuff than Suicide Silence now, in fact, it might be the heaviest s*** they’ve ever done!” earlier today. It can’t be that heavy, can it?! Either way, it’s