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Playthrough: “Over and Over” from Currents!

As Currents finish their final preparations for the 1st February start of their European headlining tour in Munich Germany with Sentinels, Being As An Ocean and Oceans Ate Alaska in support of their album “The Death We Seek“, the band have shared an Ibanez endorsed guitar playthrough video for “Over and Over“. The Americans have upgraded

NEWS: Currents tread on unfamiliar ground?

Preparing to embark on a 24 show run with Like Moths To Flames and Foreign Hands that will see Invent Animate and UnityTX open on various dates, Currents have premiered a music video for “Unfamiliar” to celebrate the release of album number three “The Death We Seek” via SharpTone Records. Guitarist Ryan Castaldi won’t be present on

Interview: Currents talk “The Death We Seek” with Heavy New York!

Style evolution, lyrical inspiration and the different kinds of live shows are all topics on the tarot cards for this conversation between Currents and Heavy New York around the bands new album “The Death We Seek“. That’s out 5th May via SharpTone Records with pre-release singles “So Alone” and “Remember Me” breaking the landing a

NEWS: Currents find themselves so alone…

As Currents guitarist Ryan Castaldi undergoes cancer treatment, assistance with funding for which you can provide here, another single from the bands 5th May via SharpTone Records releasing new album “The Death We Seek” has been exposed for your listening pleasure in “So Alone“. The question is… Why is the “we” so small on the

NEWS: Currents seek revenge?

After an impressive display as a quartet on the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, Currents have shared a second new single since their last album “The Way It Ends” in one called “Vengeance“. Described by the band as a release of pent up aggression from the past few years, it’s arguably the heaviest we’ve ever

Playthrough: “Second Skin” from Currents!

When you’re a musician getting endorsements is pretty much key to survival, so Currents guitarist Chris Wiseman has recorded this playthrough video for “Second Skin” from the bands SharpTone Records fourth studio album “The Way It Ends” which shows off his Ibanez RGR752HBF model as well as the song. Two birds, one stone.  

Playthrough: “Poverty Of Self” from Currents!

When “The Place I Feel Safest” brought Currents to our attention with its DJent infused Metalcore and Nu-Metal introspective lyrics we were hooked but “Poverty Of Self“, the first single from their fourth studio album “The Way It Ends” hit, it was a whole new level for them. So here’s drummer Matt Young performing the

Playthrough: “Into Despair” from Currents!

It might seem like forever since the last one but there were actually live shows in 2020 and The Loft in Atlanta Georgia saw Currents decimate the audience. Here’s “Into Despair” from their record “I Let The Devil In” with a dedicated drum cam trained on Matt Young so you can pick up some of