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NEWS: Imperial Triumphant suffer vertigo…

Following the release of their fifth album “Spirit Of Ecstasy” via Century Media this past weekend, avant-garde Metal trio Imperial Triumphant have unvieled a music video for “Meteovertigo” from it. The New Yorkers  manage to surpass their critically acclaimed previous record “Alphaville” with the help of an array of guests including Kenny G on soprano

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant climb the tower!

Ahead of the bands new album “Spirit Of Ecstasy” that drops on 22nd July via Century Media, Avant-garde Black Metallers Imperial Triumphant have premiered new single “Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame”. Not satisfied with writing and recording the track, their multi instrumentalist Steve Blanco then turned his hand to creating a music video for

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant enjoy the ecstacy of gold?

Alphaville’s finest Imperial Triumphant have premiered another cut from “Spirit of Ecstasy” due out 22nd July via Century Media. Titled “Merkurius Gilded” and featuring guest appearances from Kenny G and Max Gorelick it offers a flavour of what the avant-garde act have in store, complete with a video directed and edited by Steve Blanco who

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant announce “Spirit of Ecstasy”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Snake of Voivod New York avant-garde monsters Imperial Triumphant have unveiled the first single from the post-Alphaville era in “Maximalist Scream“. Directed and Edited by Steve Blanco they’ve shared a music video for the track borrowing a few vintage models from Daren Johnson at Hollywood Classic Cars and providing a

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant play the Chernobyl Blues…

Combining cuts from their last two records in 2020’s critically acclaimed “Alphaville” and 2018’s “Vile Luxury“, New York Avant-garde Black Metal outfit Imperial Triumphant have unvieled a live album simply titled “An Evening With Imperial Trumphant” via Century Media. The new album was recorded last year at the infamous Slipper Room in New York City

NEWS: The transmission begins for Imperial Triumphant!

Having just announced an upcoming live album cunningly titled “An Evening With Imperial Triumphant”, Avant-garde Black Metallers Imperial Triumphant have shared a first single from it. The cut of choice is “Transmission to Mercury”, one of six that make up the set recorded at the infamous New York Slipper Room from an album that will

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant wear the glass slipper?

Following the critically acclaimed “Alphaville“, New York Avant-garde Black Metal outfit Imperial Triumphant have announced that a live album simply titled  “An Evening With Imperial Triumphant” will be surfacing via Century Media on 26th November. Recorded in the heart of their home city at the legendary variety theatre that is the notorious Slipper Room and

Review: “(I)” by Phallosopher

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Phallosopher is the Black Metal project of Jesse Heikkinen who you may know from his work in Hexvessel, Iterum Nata, Kauko Röyhkä & the Boots and The Aeon, aka ‘Fra. Kailash’ in which he seeks to combine elements of Jazz, Ambient and Avant-Garde with Black and Death Metal to create a collective