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Playthrough: “Army Of Me” from Chimaira!

Back in 2003 Roadrunner Records released the soundtrack to Freddy Vs Jason, a movie that pitted Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger against Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th in battle. The album saw the biggest names in Nu-Metal and Metalcore on the labels roster fight for supremacy with Chimaira landing “Army Of Me” in

Playthrough: “Overlooked” from Chimaira!

Continuing to keep Chimaira fans dreams alive, guitarist Rob Arnold has shared a new playthrough video for “Overlooked“, arguably one of the more underrated cuts on the bands classic 2003 album “Impossibility Of Reason“. It may seem hard to believe, but the Cleveland Ohio bruisers celebrated 20 years of their major label debut “Pass Out

Playthrough: “Down Again” from Chimaira!

A controversial cut in the history of Cleveland Ohio Metallers Chimaira as anyone who has seen their 2004 documentary “The Dehumanizing Process” will know as Roadrunner Records were seeking a single for radio from their critically acclaimed sophomore album “Impossibility Of Reason“, guitarist Rob Arnold has given us a guitar lesson for “Down Again“. The

Documentary: Chimaira Amp History!

Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has summoned all gear nerds forth with a second documentary about the bands Amplifier History. Many will know the bands sound orientation around the Peavey Amps and Heads, particularly the 5150s but there is way more to the story that that and it’s intriguing to learn of how endorsements swayed them

Documentary: Restring with Chimaira!

The original Chimaira ESP Viper is a thing of beauty so to get the opportunity to witness guitarist Rob Arnold restringing it and sharing some tips, tricks and anecdotes about the Cleveland Ohio bruisers past is definitely something that brightened up our day. Believe it or not, 2nd October will be the 20th Anniversary of

Playthrough: “Implements Of Destruction” by Chimaira!

Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has been seriously throwing out the content on his YouTube channel of late with this playthrough of “Implements Of Destruction” from the bands “Impossibility of Reason” album being the latest offering. No only does this one see Arnold himself on the track but also Mark Hunter and Jim LaMarca!

Review: “Killer Beef” EP by Enemy Mind

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore crew who like a bit of Death Metal known as Enemy Mind are a quintet well honed in the ethos of the street. A pair of albums and now a pair of EPs down the track, this one should be one to solidify their sound. “If you knew you wouldn’t