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NEWS: Infected Rain and Butcher Babies join the chaos!

While the singles from the almost upon us 7th January sophomore major label album “Ecdysis” from Infected Rain, Moldova’s finest export have been promoting their Devils Dozen live streamed event as well as working on booking a festival tour trek what will include Summer Breeze in Germany next year. So now it’s finally time to

Playthrough: “Postmortem Pt. 1” from Infected Rain!

Six weeks ago Moldova’s finest Progressive Metalcore export Infected Rain were freshly off their first tour run in the US with Butcher Babies and Stitched Up Heart as they unvieled the first single from their forthcoming new album “Ecdysis”, which is set for 7th January 2022 via Napalm Records. After second single “Fighter” the band have

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Ecdysis”!

In an absolutely huge interview, Infected Rain have pulled out a backpack, thrown in a unpresended volume of fan questions and gone the whole hog to answer them all. Everything from their opinion on the new Limp Bizkit album to inspirations behind frontwoman Lena Scissorhands look and obviously that new album “Ecdysis“, set for 7th

NEWS: Infection Rain gunning for a fight!

7th January 2022 will see the fifth album from Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain in a decade and their second with major label Napalm Records. They’ll be going on a headlining European tour with Dagoba from February to May with “Ecdysis” and have  premiered a second single in “Fighter” ahead of a live streamed show

Throwback: “Me Against You” from Infected Rain!

It might seem like Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have been, like a Wagon Wheel,  around forever but actually their debut album “Asylum” celebrates a decade of destruction for the band this year. A collosal sixteen tracks and 63 minutes, it features “Me Against You“, a single for which the music video has achieved 3.4

Bootleg: “Sweet, Sweet Lies” from Infected Rain!

On the final stop of their US run in Los Angeles California members of their tour mates Butcher Babies and Stitched Up Heart with their crew joined Infected Rain on stage while they were performing their last song in a less than conventional way and all this at the end of a week that saw

NEWS: Infected Rain premier “Postmortem Pt. 1” and announce new album!

Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain maybe freshly off their first tour run in the US with Butcher Babies and Stitched Up Heart but the momentum that the Progressive Metalcore outfit have built isn’t about to come to a juddering halt. Instead they’ve announced the follow up to 2019’s major label debut “Endorphin” entitled “Ecdysis” for

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Asylum” with Heavy New York!

A decade after its release, Heavy New York took a minute out of their busy schedule to interview Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands about their record “Asylum“. Having broken the barrier and dropped a major label debut in “Endorphin” with Napalm Records, the band have creative juices flowing and already have new material in the

Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Atlanta!

Footage from the ongoing US tour what sees Butcher Babies play “Goliath” in full as well as a few extras alongside Infected Rain and Stitched Up Heart has surfaced. The partial set from The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia from 31st August 2021 sees three of the bands new singles in “Bottom Of A Bottle“, “Yorkstown”

Documentary: Infected Rain at Faine Misto Festival!

Breaking out of lockdown like the Incredible Hulk tearing apart manacles he was confined to, Moldovan Metallers Infected Rain have shared a documentary about their trip to Faine Misto Festival in Ukraine, their first show back. As you might expect, it covers all of the pre-show build up as well as some live footage as