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Bootleg: Muertissima at Canal 93 #2!

French Spanish inspired Death Metal act Muertissima have shared the second part of a set filmed at Canal 93 that showcases cuts from their debut album “Inquisition“. That is one that we not only reviewed but recommend for any Old School sound fans as taking inspiration from the likes of At the Gates, Carcass and

Review: “Insurrection” by Helgrind

Celebrating 20 years of mayhem, underground Thrash legends Helgrind have returned from the depths of the abyss for “Insurrection“. The record comes almost a decade after its predecessor in 2011’s “Inquisition” and marks the first writing collaboration between vocalist and bassist Paula Nelson and guitarist Si Ellis as they looked to create a new record

Bootleg: Creature Double Feature from Muertissima!

Ahead of the release of their new album “Inquisition“, French Old School Death Metallers Muertissima have shared a live creature double feature with “Rise and Fight” and “Godslayer” played back to back at Canal 93 in Bobigny. Inspired by the likes of At The Gates and Carcass, the album has been a long time in

Review: “Inquisition” by Muertissima

An Old School Death Metal quartet hailing from Paris France, Muertissima (Spanish for “Very Dead“) like so many before them have made their mark in the live arena before committing their cuts to tape in the studio. Forming at some point close to February 2017, those shows have been mainly been in the Paris region, notably

NEWS: Helgrind return with “Massacre The Suffering”!

An unlucky 13 years after the frenzied guitar riffs, pounding drums and aggressive vocals coalesce of “Religious Persecution” and 11 since their last album “Inquisition“, Helgrind have broken free from the chains of modern slavery and returned with “Massacre The Suffering“. The cut marks the first from their 22nd October dropping new album “Insurrection” that

Review: “Mass // Minus” by Deem Index

Forming in 2005 and settling on their current line-up in 2011, Arnhem Netherlands based Deem Index specialize in a blend of “Gothenburg” style Melodic Death, Thrash and Old and New School Metal. Or as they like to call it: “Metal, nothing more, nothing less”. Known for their raw musical power with poetic lyrics, they dropped