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Review: “Interstellar” by Apollo Stands

Conceived in Norwich in 2016 as something of a more traditional Metal act, Apollo Stands have evolved over their 5 years together from 2017s “Join Us” to 2020’s “Minds” through countless live shows with everyone from Megalomatic to¬† Setraline, an odyssey into the endless universe of the human psyche taking on a more Progressive Metalcore

Bootleg: “A Mortal World/Halo” from Apollo Stands!

Norwich Progressive Metalcore quartet Apollo Stands have taken a break from fighting Zombies and with the help of Alexei Swatman recorded “A Mortal World” and “Halo” in session at Taljaard Studios. The band released their 30 minute EP “Minds” via One Eyed Toad Records in February, the follow up to 2017’s debut “Join Us“.

The Black Map #122: Apollo Stands from Norwich!

From London this week we h as to Norwich for this week’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Metal Underground Scene (Trademark, Patient applied for). Signed to One Eyed Toad Records, February saw Apollo Stands drop their EP “Minds” before competing at The Brickmakers against Perseus, Horse Called War, Terrorcaust and Hollow Reign