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Review: “Flesh Of A Saint” by Dark Worship

Crawling out from a post apocalyptic wasteland as depicted in The Book Of Eli are an entity known as Dark Worship, a collective orchestrated by J. Meyers (Axioma, Aureae Crucis) with the assistance of Aaron Dallison (Axioma, Keelhaul, Brain Tentacles, Perdition Sect), Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom, Integrity), and J. Reed (Exorcisme, To Dust) as an instrument to

NEWS: Dark Worship claim Witchcraft as their own?

Emerging from the bleak and unsettling landscape of the post-industrial Midwest in 2020, Dark Worship is a project orchestrated by J. Meyers (Axioma) with the assistance of Aaron Dallison (Axioma, Keelhaul, Perdition Sect), Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom), and J. Reed (Exorcisme, To Dust) as an instrument to conjure the essence of audial darkness. With a

Exclusive Interview: DAO on “Worthless”!

Having skipped any thoughts of an EP to test the waters and released their debut full length “Worthless” on 27th September, Leeds natives DAO have given us tinnitus from listening to it in the best way. Far too loud. Seeing as they were kind enough to let us review the album before it landed everywhere

Review: “Worthless” by DAO

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant Recordings during 2018 and 2019, vocalist Lewis, drummer David, bassist John and guitarist duo Ben and Mike made the collective decision to go with a debut full length after 2018 debut single “Father” rather than do an EP and test the water with their sound. Which