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Playthrough: “Ostrich Dynasty” from The Dali Thundering Concept!

Bassist Steve Treguier from The Dali Thundering Concept has shown off his home studio setup with this bass playthrough video for “Ostrich Dynasty” from their 2018 album “Savages“. A favourite of Kinkshamer, whose entry in our Under The Influence series is a must read, it’s performed on his signature Basti Bass STM from Vola Guitars.

NEWS: Kinkshamer don’t tell tales of the Brothers Grimm…

Returning with a lyric video for the longest song title on their EP “Behind Closed Doors Between Beauty And The Beast” are Kinkshamer! Not only did we review their EP “Societal Sects” and interview them about it, but we also may have a forthcoming episode of our “Under The Influence” series with Riley Rowe…

Review: “Societal Sects” by Kinkshamer

NSFW band Kinkshamer make Progressive Metalcore around themes and concepts designed to put you, the listener outside of your comfort zone. Hailing from Pomona in Los Angeles County, California and currently comprising of duo vocalist Riley Rowe (who you may know as a Metal Injection writer and Famined Records PR dude – Famined Records being