Under The Influence #7: Kinkshamer on “Savages” by The Dali Thundering Concept!

The Dali Thundering Concept hail from Paris France and while often described as being a Mathcore DJent 4 piece, they also offer a bridge in to the more technical aspects of Deathcore,  Progressive Metalcore and if course Electronics with hints of Jazz. They’re sub-genre spanning material arguably reached a new height with “Savages” in 2018. Guitar work shines alongside rhythm section that is precise in fractions of millimetres. It’s heavy, cool, weird and wonderfully fun. But that’s enough from us…

Riley Rowe of Kinkshamer comments: “Considering we’re a Metalcore or Deathcore act, there are many iconic albums that come to mind from some of the big-name acts that we would consider influential such as After the Burial’s Rareform, Born of OsirisThe New Reign, Silent Planet’s Everything Was Sound, etc. However, there was one particular album that was released last year around the time that we were writing and recording our recent EP that instantly hooked both myself and Lucas. I recall discovering The Dali Thundering Concept years ago and really enjoying the zany and progressive tendencies on their LPs When X Met Y and Eyes Wide Opium. Once I saw that the French djent/deathcore/metalcore act were back with a new album, I was curious as to what they managed to cook up this time. Even upon my initial listen, I was so intrigued and blown away by the experimentation and sheer heaviness contained in Savages. Every element within this masterpiece is so intricate, creative, and simply put… perfect. Opening track “Ostrich Dynasty” hits unbelievably hard and alike the following pieces, “The Myth of Happiness” and “Blessed with Boredom,” proves to have a constant variety of inspiring guitar riffs and licks. Other aspects that I personally find truly amazing is the album’s stylistic diversity shown by the electronic-based “Cassandra” or jazz-driven “Demeter.” Over a year later, I still find myself blasting this record and being absolutely mesmerized by the immaculate experimental songwriting, dynamic production, and overall consistency by The Dali Thundering Concept’s Savages. If you’re unfamiliar, do yourself a favor and check this album out because I promise you won’t regret it. As a metal artist, I certainly envy these guys’ talent and skills and I’m just praying that one day they come over to the US so I can hear these songs live!”

“Societal Sects” by Kinkshamer is out now!

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