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Bootleg: Hollow Front in Minneapolis Minnesota!

Pro-shot by Leo Sypniewski at The Cabooze in Minneapolis Minnesota on 18th March, here’s a full set from Hollow Front. The Michigan Metalcore merchants would have been in Europe with Erra last month if it hadn’t been for travel restrictions but the flip side of that coin is that 27th May will see new album

NEWS: Hollow Front fall gracefully in a coma?

Continuing on from where 2020’s “Loose Threads” left off, Hollow Front are preparing themselves for March shows in the US with Fit For A King, Silent Planet and AVOID by dropping a new single called “Comatose” complete with music video. If it wasn’t for the current state of play Worldwide the band would have been

NEWS: Hollow Front still treading water…

A highly anticipated European tour trek that will see Erra, Dayseeker, Brand Of Sacrifice and Hollow Front join forces in February 2022 is gradually being dragged kicking and screaming towards us and so the Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit are using the opportunity to get a few singles out there via new label home UNFD.

Bootleg: “Treading Water” from Hollow Front!

Maintaining the flow of output from recent UNFD records signings Hollow Front, the label has chosen to push a live rendition of the bands single 8 day old new single “Treading Water” over to us, a cut which marks their first new material since the re-imaging of prior works on the “Loose Threads” album released

NEWS: Hollow Front fall apart for gold vinyl…

How easy is it to get Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Kirby for a guest vocal appearance? When he’s your band manager, it has to be easy like Sunday morning. So Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Hollow Front did exactly that and got him on “Falling Apart“, which appears on their album “Loose Threads“.

NEWS: Hollow Front re-imagine “Loose Threads”!

An acoustic version of a song that keeps the unclean vocals in place? That’s what Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Hollow Front have done with their re-imagined version of “Loose Threads“. It’s the title track of their current album which has seen a vinyl pressing pre-order campaign via label home UNFD. You can snap those

Playthrough: “Wearing Thin” #2 from Hollow Front!

After letting guitarist duo Brandon Rummler and Dakota Alvarez record a guitar playthrough for the track at the beginning of the month, it’s now the turn of drummer Devin Attard from Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Hollow Front to do likewise for “Wearing Thin“. The video comes as bands current album “Loose Threads” has been

Playthrough: “Wearing Thin” from Hollow Front!

Brandon Rummler and Dakota Alvarez from Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Hollow Front have got together for a bass and guitar playthrough of “Wearing Thin” from their album “Loose Threads” which is available as the bands first vinyl pressing until 25th February 2021. They’ll be back in the studio in March to record a new

Playthrough: “Gatta Blast” from Hollow Front!

Brought up on a diet of Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore Hollow Front took the genre as their own and with third studio record “Loose Threads” in 2020 they’ve finally got more of the attention that their material deserves. Drummer Devin Attard has been has dropped this impressive playthrough video of a drum solo from the

NEWS: Hollow Front premier one of two new songs…

The success of the release of “Loose Threads” from Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore quartet Hollow Front this summer has seen label UNFD grant the band a vinyl pressing of the album that will appear on 25th February 2021. They are currently accepting pre-orders for it here and the track listing shows a pair of new