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NEWS: Majin dream in binary… Welcome to the Matrix!

Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have continued to let the new singles fall like acid rain on our parade with their latest burnt offering “Binary Incantation” being their fifth in all since debut EP “Warpath” dropped in May 2020. All of that means that the band have decent live set worth of tracks down

The Black Map #147: Majin from Southampton!

From last week’s Manchester Thrash trio Beyond Salvation we head to the south coast to talk about Nu-Metalcore merchants Majin. A band who had an incredible 2020, despite lockdown by building their name and reputation with some Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore singles in follow up to their debut EP “Warpath” and a surprise KoRn cover. For

NEWS: Majin hear the sirens call…

“Your Empires have fallen. You live without hope. Constantly in fear. All that is left to do. Is embrace the void“. Another fresh track from Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin takes them to four since their May 2020 debut EP “Warpath“. This one is entitled “Sirens” and is their second of 2021 so it’s

Playthrough: “Marked For Death” by Majin!

Returning to Ruin Studios where their debut EP was recorded, mixed and mastered, Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have continued down their war path and filmed a guitar playthrough video for single “Marked For Death“. Sticking to the mantra “In times of peace prepare for war” the band have added a second vocalist and

Review: “Warpath” by Majin

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ruin Studios, “Warpath” marks the debut EP from Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin, a band on the rise having introduced themselves as a quartet during the year of the Great Plague. Subsequent singles “Marked For Death” and KoRn cover “Freak On A Leash” have been followed by the announcement

NEWS: Majin take the “Night City Drift”?

Having ended their “Warpath” with “Freak On A Leash“, Southampton Deathcore collective Majin have announced Gregor MacMillan of London Progressive Metalcore act Derelict is getting on boards as a second vocalist. They’ve stated they’ve been massively impacted by Cyberpunk 2077 since it’s release and so have inked a new track entitled “Night City Drift” with

NEWS: Majin get freaky with KoRn cover!

Back on 1st May Southampton’s Majin dropped their debut EP “Warpath“, a blend of Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore that sounds like an exorcism. But that’s not enough for them so they’ve dropped a double A side pair of tracks with “Marked For Death” and a cover of “Freak on a Leash” by those Bakersfield California Nu-Metal