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Review: “Malignant Domination” by Cognizance

When people like Metal Injection are describing you as “One of the best damn Technical Death Metal bands out there” and you’ve managed to get the mighty Jason Suecof (Trivium, Devildriver, Whitechapel) to do the mixing not to mention John Douglas to do the mastering on your new album, then you’re surely onto a winner?

Playthrough: “Malignant Domain” from Cognizance!

Guitar and Drum playthrough videos are getting all too common these days, an easy win for something extra to provide content for bands social media when they’re looking to give things a nudge and get some attention in a saturated market. So on the eve of the appearance of “Malignant Domination”, their new Jason Suecof

The Black Map #67: Cognizance from Leeds!

Keeping us in the North of England and taking us to Leeds and the home of a band for whom playing live is as rare as rocking horse s***. Having taken to the stage at the 2018 incarnation of UK Tech-Fest, Cognizance have exactly zero shows lined up for the arrival of their upcoming new