The Black Map #67: Cognizance from Leeds!

Keeping us in the North of England and taking us to Leeds and the home of a band for whom playing live is as rare as rocking horse s***. Having taken to the stage at the 2018 incarnation of UK Tech-Fest, Cognizance have exactly zero shows lined up for the arrival of their upcoming new album “Malignant Domination”. That being said, there are plenty of decent studio projects around and when you’ve got Metal Injection saying that you’re “One of the best damn Technical Death Metal bands out there” then people take note! The new album features former and current members of Job For A Cowboy, Extol, Aborted, The Faceless and Crotchduster with the legendary Jason Suecof And John Douglas handing Production, Mixing and Mastering between them. First single “Strychnine Shift” has appeared and it’s an absolute gem! Everything is in place for this to be a blistering new album!

“Malignant Domination” from Cognizance will be out on 6th September via Prosthetic Records and is available via bandcamp

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