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NEWS: Fragmentum play with Quirigua Successors…

A continuation of the Mayan themes explored in the band’s 2021 concept album “Masters of Perplexity“, Belgian Melodic Dark Metal act Fragmentum have premiered a new cut titled “Quirigua Successors”. Founded by Jan Bruggeman and Gunnar Nopens who are accompanied on stage by Wouter Macaré (drums) and Ozzy Voskuilen (bass), the band has been described

Review: “Masters Of Perplexity” by Fragmentum

It has been six years since Belgian Melodic Death Metal trio Fragmentum burst onto the scene, their debut album “Pugnacity” receiving the critical acclaim and fan adoration that afforded them the opportunity to be able to tour the US with Children of Bodom as well as share stages with Soulfy and Annihilator in Europe. Taking