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Review: “Achrony” by Elderblood

Having formed in 2011, 2021 marks a decade of aggression for Kharkiv Ukraine Black Metallers Elderblood as they ruminate on the degeneration of humanity through history in what is intended to become an out-of-time hymn in keeping with the traditions of old. Perhaps not a band for genre purists, they are comprised of seasoned musicians

NEWS: Mayhem ask “Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?”

The infamous Mayhem are set to return this year with an EP called “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” that will be released via Century Media on 9th July. Joined by Eirik Norheim aka Billy Cockroach of Messiah fame for a pair of cuts, the EP comprises three from the “Daemon” sessions alongside four punk covers

Review: “The Vengeance Trilogy” EP by Messiah

‘”The Vengeance Trilogy” is a trio of songs and the story of a boy whose family and village have been massacred by monsters. This boy grows up to become a ferocious Knight who leads his army to attack the Kingdom of monsters and kill them all. The thing is, it is him, now, who has