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Throwback: “Martyr” from Spawn Of Psychosis!

Having been officially reborn like a pheonix from the ashes as a solo project of multi instrumentalist Chris Dredge aka Spawn with new single “Avdi Vide Tace“, one of a string of them set for 2022 just five days ago, we decided that it was time to dive into the history of Spawn Of Psychosis.

Track Review: “Avdi Vide Tace” by Spawn of Psychosis

After an initial seven year run which began in 2010 and saw Spawn of Psychosis drop two albums and an EP in 2012’s “Freakshow Pandemic“, 2015’s “Ministry Of Transition” and 2017’s “Ano Diablo Vol: 1” which stitched together a Frankenstein’s Monster hybrid of Thrash, Industrial Metal and Punk while playing support slots for acts like