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NEWS: Dead Crown love Joaquin Phoenix!

Having survived their van being stolen not once but twice as well as having the catalytic converter stolen twice, Dead Crown are ready to get back to business with new EP “Konec” while also having a follow up on the works. The four track release has been celebrated with a beer, a shot and a

NEWS: Born A New find a rat in the room?

Tracked with Nashville based producer Cody Stewart (The Browning), purveyors of 2000’s era Metalcore Born A New have release a new single in “Rat in the Room” that celebrates their signing with Modern Empire alongside a music video directed by the band and photographer Nick Chance. Mike Milford of Modern Empire Music commented on the signing

NEWS: Waste prey for nothing…

Having surpassed the 100k Spotify streams for their February released debut full length “Pray For Nothing“, Minneapolis Minnesota Deathcore collective Waste have unveiled a music video for the title track via label Modern Empire. The band amicably parted ways with drummer Shane Nichols in January and filmed the video at the start of May with

NEWS: Distinguisher unveil “We All Suffer”!

Las Vegas Nu-Metalcore crew Distinguisher have released a music video for their emotionally charged new single “We All Suffer”. A direct follow up to their well received track “Nothing Is Real“, which surfaced 3 weeks ago, the new song sees the group showcasing their talents with their first pair of releases since their well received

NEWS: Values have no patience?

Well… they do. A new song called “Patience” that is. The Leeds Melodic Metalcore outfit have brought Nu-Metal introspective lyrics to the table and some killer atmospherics with this one having seen their scintillating 2019 album “Recovery” reach new heights with album closer “Conscience Cleared” hitting the better part of 160k Spotify streams…