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Review: “Self Titled” by Burker

“Burker is the bastard son of a broken society and the creative angst of its mutant misfits. The lyrics are the putrid prophecies of a lunatic’s fever dream. The music is as hauntingly beautiful as it is baleful and their sermons are guttural lullabies for the lost children of this lurid world.” ~ Burker

Exclusive Interview: Mortal Chains talk self titled debut EP!

The brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Martin Elliott, Durham Death Thrash trio Mortal Chains have set sail on the seven seas of Metal with their maiden voyage a self titled EP that strikes a chord with an Old School sound created with the help of Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios across five intriguing cuts.

Review: “Spears Of The Aten” by Tyrannos

Mixed and mastered by Damian Herring (Blood Incantation, Horrendous, Father Befouled) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and adorned by artwork from Adrian Baxter (Alunah, Paradise Lost, VI), “Spears Of The Aten” may have been as long as five years in the making. It follows the 2017 “Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis” demo with which Tyrannos turned heads

NEWS: Tyrannos announce Spears Of The Aten!

Following on from their 2017 demo, “Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis“, London based explorers of the extreme Tyrannos have returned. This time they bring with them four songs of challenging, boundary smashing death metal, four songs steeped in horror and swathed in mystery, four songs that will take you on a journey into the heart of

Throwback: “Where the Slime Live” by Morbid Angel!

Back in 1995 Earache Records were a label on the very cutting edge of the razor blade of pioneering Extreme Metal, pushing the envelope of bands in both Grindcore and Death Metal genres and gaining much respect for doing so. Lead by riff lord Trey Azagthoth, American Death Thrash pioneers Morbid Angel dropped just their

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Day Of Suffering.

Adorned by “Les Trésors de Satan” by Belgian Symbolist painter Jean Delville as its cover artwork, “Blessed Are The Sick” remains the career defining moment for Tampa Florida Death Metal legends Morbid Angel as the center piece of a holy trinity of albums considered rightfully as the most influential in the genre. Released 20 years so

Review: “In The Throes” by Whipworm

What started as a solo project by Los Angeles California based multi instrumentalist Travis Weinand (Titan, Burden, Tetsuo) became more than the sum of its parts when he was joined by drummer Dave Ferrara (ex-Cemetery) and the pair were able to re-animate some of Weinand’s deadliest dreams. Inspired by a plethora of Death Thrash acts that

Review: “Santa Hipocresía” by Rat King

After 2020’s well received album “Vicious Inhumanity” the inevitable return of Death/Grind trio Rat King was only ever a matter of time, the band having released new material almost every year since 2014’s “1564“. Setting the title “Santa Hipocresía” (or “Holy Hypocrisy“) for their next chapter, Danny Racines (Bass, Vocals), Ricardo Racines (Guitar, Noise) and

Riff Police! Pull Over! #158: Napalm Death Vs Morbid Angel!

In an alternate Universe, when the SWAT team arrived at Nakatomi Plaza they were forced into retreat by a Corpse paint wearing Giant Troll, dressed in black with spiked wrist guards who was blasting Behemoth from a ghetto blaster. His black toothed grin and poisonous breath enough to repel bullets. But that’s a whole other

Review: “Experiments in Warfare” by Death Chamber

The roots of Death Chamber go back to the summer of August 2018 when with smell of rotting flesh in the air guitarist Tim Reu began to experiment with some riffs that would take him beyond the horizons of his Black Metal band Chaedrist and into the realms of Death Metal. The solo project started