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Exclusive Interview: Gorotica talk “Morbid Menagerie”!

The dawn of a new age of the grotesque is upon us as Jon Von Cannibale’s Gorotica ride like the three horsemen of the apocalypse to bring plague and pestilence to this land from the backwoods of Sydney. Their stock in trade is Cannibalistic Deathgrind but there are more twists in the tale of their

Review: “Morbid Menagerie” by Gorotica

Jon Von Cannibale’s Michelin star restaurant “Morbid Menagerie” promises twenty two courses of Death Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore from the backwoods of Sydney in one easily digestible 39 minute extravaganza, an ode to death, decay and cannibalism. His brainchild has arisen from the grave in Gorotica, a three piece that sees him joined by the

NEWS: Reinventing the Wheel with Gorotica!

Seeking to bring about another golden age of the grotesque, Australian’s Gorotica continue to build the momentum before the release of their debut album “Morbid Menagerie” with a cut that sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to an exploitation movie in “Bound to the Breaking Wheel“. The Cannibalistic Deathgrind cult trio who hail from

NEWS: Gorotica get morbid once more…

Continuing to offer us stone chippings from their upcoming twenty two cut debut album “Morbid Menagerie“, Gorotica have offered “Malevolent Insertion” as the fourth pre-release stream. If that number puts the fear of God into you, it’s nothing to worry about as the album clocks in at just under 40 minutes… it’s  Deathgrind after all,

NEWS: Gorotica begin pulling teeth…?

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Miller of Black Rheno, “Teeth Removed With A Sledgehammer” is the third of twenty two deadly sins from the mind of Jon Von Cannibale that form “Morbid Menagerie” by Gorotica. The Cannibalistic Deathgrind cult trio who hail from the backwoods of Sydney will be unleashing their feral abrasions in

NEWS: Gorotica become impaled…

They say that if she looks back when she’s walking away that she’s interested and who wouldn’t be interested in a cannibalistic deathgrind cult from the backwoods of Sydney?

NEWS: Gorotica stand At The Gates Of The Necropolis?

A cannibalistic deathgrind cult from the backwoods of Sydney? That can only be Gorotica, a trio who have released their first single ‘At The Gates Of The Necropolis’ from their upcoming debut studio album ‘Morbid Menagerie’, due for release on 28th October. A 22 track 39 minute affair envisaged by  mastermind and frontman Jon Von