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Review: “Murdertown” by Revelations

Having limped along like a lumberjack in the Canadian wilderness caught in a bear trap for the past five years leaving us to survive on memories, a new record from Chesterfield Beatdown Deathcore crew Revelations is long overdue. Having buried their hatchet in our skulls with “Nothing Left” back in 2013 line up changes have

NEWS: Revelations head to Flint Michigan?

Mixed and mastered by Slamnasium Recordings (Bludgeoned, Sanity Slip, The Tooth), 5th July will see a new six track EP titled “Murdertown” arrive from Chesterfield Beatdown Deathcore crew Revelations. For those not in the know, the group features Barney Warner of Pintglass, Replacer and Tyson fame on guitars and backing vocals and have been around