Review: “Murdertown” by Revelations

Having limped along like a lumberjack in the Canadian wilderness caught in a bear trap for the past five years leaving us to survive on memories, a new record from Chesterfield Beatdown Deathcore crew Revelations is long overdue. Having buried their hatchet in our skulls with “Nothing Left” back in 2013 line up changes have been a constant thorn in their side, leaving vocalist Brad Harkness (Capital Punishment, Clawhammer) the sole surviving member of the band as they started out. 2024 finds him joined by drummer Bevan Goodwin, bassist Liam Turton and guitarist duo Brett Baker and Barney Warner (Pintglass, Replacer, Tyson), their new record mixed and mastered by Slamnasium Recordings (Bludgeoned, Sanity Slip, The Tooth). It’s not from Flint Michigan but this one is called “Murdertown“…

Who doesn’t like a gangland sample as an introduction? “Say Less” borrows one before a brutal single verse of Death Metal infused Beatdown Deathcore with a downtempo back end effectively wraps up 90 seconds of violent heavy music perfectly. It has the kind of in your face intensity that gets the blood pumping with no indication of where the band hail from in the savage vocal performance. Having brought members of Within Destruction, Black Tongue, Bound In Fear and Clawhammer to their 2019 EP “Embodiment Of Sin“, having Jay Valentine of Manchester Crossover crew Guilt Trip on “All Figured Out” might raise an eyebrow. But fear not, this two step-able heavy hitter loses none of the momentum and doesn’t toy with any clean singing. Instead it punches with fists of steal and staccato riff break infestations while continuing to play with tempo in the process. A punishment beating of pulverising kit work and razor sharp riffs “Lessons Learned” is vocally and lyrically just as venomous and the ferocity which came before it but has a little more emotive quality to it. A brutal downtempo breakdown brings this one to a fittingly bloody conclusion to setup the breakneck start of record title track “Murdertown” perfectly.

Locking your skull in a vice and slowly turning the screw, this one has some interesting change ups born from 2003 Metalcore while maintaining the angle grinding momentum of the chainsaw blade. There is even time for sparks to fly with a false ending and a single gun shot during a throat splitting verse from Harkness. You wouldn’t dare ask for more. Reminiscent of newer Bury Your Dead material “Redemption Denied” hits like an anvil with death growls from Harkness alongside sinister and menacing riffs to tantalize. Another violent delight with a real verve and swagger to it, this one finds Revelations at their sharpest. Confidence flows through their veins like adrenaline and you know it’s going to be moshing and spin kicks in the pit. A final bombastic note was always called for and the mosh part front loaded “Sentenced to Suffering” is that moment, a pummelling, groove laden cut that will make you want to throw something. All in all, a triumphant return from a band who were underrated in the first place [7.5/10]

1. Say Less
2. All Figured Out (ft. Jay Valentine of Guilt Trip)
3. Lesson Learned
4. Murdertown
5. Redemption Denied
6. Sentenced to Suffering

Murdertown” by Revelations is out 5th July 2024

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