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Review: “Way Of The Geeza” by Pintglass

Creating a whole new sub-genre in Geezercore, Pintglass, who comprise Ben Mason otherwise known as the vocalist for Bound In Fear and Sunfall as well as the drummer in Carbine and Barney Warner otherwise known as the frontman of aggregated Beatdown Hardcore crew Replacer are joined by a group of friends for a Stella Artois

NEWS: Sink a Stella with Pintglass!

As if Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason didn’t have enough on his plate with doing vocals for Sunfall and drums for Carbine, he’s also got a project on the go called Pintglass. Joined by Dan Crossley from Gassed Up and Brad Harkness of Revelations, here’s “Head Of The Firm” from their Beatdown EP “Geezercore”!