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Review: “Murdertown” by Revelations

Having limped along like a lumberjack in the Canadian wilderness caught in a bear trap for the past five years leaving us to survive on memories, a new record from Chesterfield Beatdown Deathcore crew Revelations is long overdue. Having buried their hatchet in our skulls with “Nothing Left” back in 2013 line up changes have

NEWS: Revelations head to Flint Michigan?

Mixed and mastered by Slamnasium Recordings (Bludgeoned, Sanity Slip, The Tooth), 5th July will see a new six track EP titled “Murdertown” arrive from Chesterfield Beatdown Deathcore crew Revelations. For those not in the know, the group features Barney Warner of Pintglass, Replacer and Tyson fame on guitars and backing vocals and have been around

NEWS: Serpents Oath enter a pact…

Two weeks after the announcement of its imminent arrival, Odium Records launched pre-orders including a wooden box (not a coffin) for the third album from Belgian Black Metal masters Serpents Oath. Adorned in the glorious artwork of Néstor Avalos (Dark Funeral, Rotting Christ), “Revelation” will see the cold light of day on 24th November. Its divided

Review: “Pretentious Pain” by Replacer

Describing themselves as Aggregated Beatdown, a sub-genre that sits in the centre of the Bermuda triangle of Deathcore, Metallic Hardcore and Hardcore are Replacer, a quintet comprising vocalist Barney Warner, guitarists Ben Campion and Nathan Jasiewicz alongside the rhythm section of bassist Ewan Riddell and drummer Chris Silvester-Beale and hailing from Guildford in leafy Surrey.

Review: “Revelations” by Doubting Thompson

It’s been a whirlwind five years for multi instrumentalist Jeff Thompson (vocals, bass, guitars, drums) as he has brought to the King’s table a trio of EPs under the moniker Doubting Thompson that have culminated in the career milestone of joining the Sliptrick Records roster alongside the likes of Bury The Kingdom and Bleed Again.

NEWS: Replacer don’t leave the light on…

The fourth single from Guildford Aggregated Beatdown Deathcore outfit Replacer has surfaced as the band await the release of their 5th October releasing debut full length record “Dejected“. They’ve plucked “Gaslight” which features Harlekin for their latest tease from the album that sees eight guest vocalists across eleven tracks including members of Ritual of Despair,

NEWS: Replacer joined by Two-Piece…

…for “Harm Fulfilment“, the third single from Aggregated Beatdown Deathcore collective Replacer who have got on board eight guest vocalists across eleven tracks on their 5th October releasing debut full length record “Dejected“. So what we want to see is a run of live shows to see the album played in full with sets from Ritual

Review: “Way Of The Geeza” by Pintglass

Creating a whole new sub-genre in Geezercore, Pintglass, who comprise Ben Mason otherwise known as the vocalist for Bound In Fear and Sunfall as well as the drummer in Carbine and Barney Warner otherwise known as the frontman of aggregated Beatdown Hardcore crew Replacer are joined by a group of friends for a Stella Artois

NEWS: Sink a Stella with Pintglass!

As if Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason didn’t have enough on his plate with doing vocals for Sunfall and drums for Carbine, he’s also got a project on the go called Pintglass. Joined by Dan Crossley from Gassed Up and Brad Harkness of Revelations, here’s “Head Of The Firm” from their Beatdown EP “Geezercore”!