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NEWS: Necrodeath get Mesmerized by Celtic Frost!

This time last month Italian label Time To Kill Records announced that having already issued a very well received tribute to Discharge, they had let Schizo founding member Alberto Penzin put together “Mesmerized – A Tribute to Celtic Frost”. The compilation of covers unites six bands with Italian Blackened Thrash masters Necrodeath being the first

Review: “Singin’ in the Pain” by Necrodeath

A growing concern since 1984, Italian Blackened Thrash Metal act Necrodeath have been ploughing the fields and scattering the ashes of their victims with fourteen prior convictions in album form before “Singin’ in the Pain” was even a twinkling in their collective eyes or a migraine on their thoughts. Their first two albums in 1987’s “Into

NEWS: Necrodeath dine on Orange!

Ahead of their new record “Singin’ in the Pain” which rise from the crypt via Time To Kill Records 28th November 2022, Italian Blackened Thrash Metal legends Necrodeath have shared a second single in “Oomny Ones“. That may seem like an odd title to those not in the know, but the record is a concept

NEWS: Necrodeath announce “Singin’ in the Pain”!

Having delivered us to evil with single “Transformer Treatment” written in collaboration with S.B. Reder of Schizo fame six months ago Italian Blackened Thrash metal trailblazers Necrodeath have revealed that it will take pride of place on a new record titled “Singin’ in the Pain”. A concept album based on the movie “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick,

Review: “Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath

Italian Blackened Thrash trailblazers Necrodeath have to be considered one of the most important names in Extreme Metal, grinding their axes for approaching 40 years having formed in 1984 while taking inspiration from the likes of Venom, Slayer and Sodom along the way. A resurgence in the genre has breathed new life into the outfit

NEWS: Necrodeath transform with Time To Kill Records!

Returning for the firs time since 2019’s “Defragments of Insanity“, itself a re-recording of 1989’s “Fragments of Insanity“, Necrodeath are showing no desire to call time on a near forty year career. On March 30th 2022 the  Italian Blackened Thrash metal trailblazers  will drop a 7″ vinyl titled “Transformer Treatment / Come to the Sabbath”

Review: “Chaos Machine” by Enemynside

Originally called Scapegoat from their 1994 inception to 1999 when the band changed its name to Enemynside, the Italian Thrash Metallers have had wide reaching and varying career touring Italy and Europe and sharing stages with the likes of Destruction, Dismember, Blaze Bayley, Necrodeath, Extrema and Flotsam And Jetsam to name but a few. “Chaos