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Review: “New Load Continue” by Geschlecht

In following up up their 2016 self-titled debut EP, Northern Italian’s GESCHLECHT wanted a Producer who matched their ambition and artistic vision. Not afraid to merge Industrial vibes and Extreme Metal Amedeo Finati (vocals), Amedeo Casale (guitar), Edoardo Volpato (bass), Fabio Speroni (drums) opted for Lacuna Coil drummer Richard Meiz (also in Genus Ordinis Dei).

NEWS: GESCHLECHT howl at the “Bloodmoon”!

Crossing Industrial sounds with Melodic Death Metal GESCHLECHT from Pavia, Italy have tapped up Lacuna Coil’s Richard Meiz for concept album “New Load Continue“. The album narrates the story of a player trapped in a videogame. The band comments: “The protagonist gets swallowed up and has to complete the questline of the game by himself. His