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Review: “II” by Serpent Omega

After seven long years in the barren wilderness following seven deadly sins, Serpent Omega have returned with a drummer of note in Peter “Fast Feet Pete” Stjärnvind  (Entombed, Nifelheim, Merciless, Unanimated, Murder Squad, VOJD) joining original members Urskogr (vocals), Brief (bass) and Jonsson (guitars) for their first new material since their 2013 debut. Since that album,

NEWS: At The Gates drink from the night itself in December!

Sometimes it can be a long time before rumours or leaked tour dates become officially announced with venues letting people know what’s on before you can actually buy tickets for the events. That has been the case for a European trek in December that will see Swedish Death Metallers At The Gates  joined by Nifelheim and Deserted