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Playthrough: “Ikiruoste” from Northern Genocide!

Modern Melodic Death Metallers Northern Genocide love their industrial overtones and having started out in 2010, their first full length album “Genesis Vol 666” surfaced via Inverse Records last summer. Lead guitarist Pyry Pohjanpanlo has returned to the album for a playthrough of “Ikiruoste“, a song which is the bands most popular on Spotify, with

Playthrough: “Neon Antichrist” from Northern Genocide!

Guitarist Pyry Pohjanpanlo from Finnish Modern Melodic Death Metallers Northern Genocide is still practicing despite being on lockdown and has filmed this playthrough video for “Neon Antichrist” from last summer’s Inverse Records released “Genesis Vol. 666“. Achiving 288k streams on Spotify, they have also hinted at starting the writing process for their next album.

Bootleg: Northern Genocide in Lahti!

Recorded at Torvi, Lahti on 21st August by Kaulomedia, here are a trio of cuts from Northern Genocide! The songs “Black Widow”, “The Avalanche” and “Neon Antichrist” are all on the bands summer released album “Genesis Vol 666” out now via Inverse Records! If you’d like to know our thoughts on the Industrial Metalisms of

NEWS: Northern Genocide celebrate “Genesis Vol. 666”!

An album we had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of weeks ago, the day is finally here where you too can listen to “Genesis Vol. 666” from Northern Genocide! It’s out today via Finnish label Inverse Records with the band letting us have a music video for the title track to celebrate the release!

Review: “Genesis Vol. 666” by Northern Genocide

Northern Genocide was formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland and released their first demo “Atlantis” was finished in October 2014 before being swiftly followed by the debut EP “Planet Asylum” in November 2015. Produced by Rainer Pekkinen, the band who consist of vocalist Tommi Salonen, guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo, drummer Markku Tuuri and bassist Jussi Pulliainen

NEWS: Northern Genocide hail the “Neon Antichrist”!

Finland based Northern Genocide on the verge of a new age with “Genesis Vol. 666”. Inverse Records will be releasing that badger on 30th August and want you to sample the delights of “Neon Antichrist” in the meantime! It’s the second single from the Industrial Metallers since June debut “Ikiruoste”!