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Interview: Counterparts on The Downbeat Podcast!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds is joined by Counterparts and END vocalist Brendan Murphy for the latest episode of The Downbeat Podcast. Hotdogs, the rebranding of Twitter to X and both of his bands are topics of conversation with “A Eulogy For Those Still

Throwback: “Witness” by Counterparts!

Back in 2013 the relationship between Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy and studio Guru Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy, Knocked Loose, Body Count) became all to real as the partnership that is now in place in Hardcore supergroup END saw the pairing working together on the Canadian Melodic Hardcore collectives album “The Difference Between Hell

NEWS: Counterparts are born to burn?

“Replace me with a pawn, a victim unaware. The shepherd appointed to a corpse. Bound to the burn. Collected from my cross before my breathing stops. A testament to routine sacrifice. A casket calls my name, cast from my constraint. My final fleeting flame will remain asleep while my airways fill with smoke. How I

NEWS: Counterparts premier “Whispers Of Your Death”!

Following their early set at Slam Dunk Festival and interview with The Mike James Rock Show another single from Canadian Melodic Hardcore outfit Counterparts new album “A Eulogy For Those Still Here” has surfaced. Titled “Whispers Of Your Death“, the cut is an ode to vocalist Brendan Murphy’s cat Kuma who almost died due to

NEWS: Counterparts return with “Unwavering Vow”!

“Beneath my bared teeth lives the unwavering vow: to be the reason that the ones who love you mourn. Revel in relief, redemption reassured: when not even your ghost will be left to take your place on earth. In dreams I watched you die, now I can’t wait to close my eyes. Encased within your

Bootleg: “Bound to the Burn” from Counterparts!

They may have only played one show in the whole of the year that was 2021 but during their set at The Palladium in Worcester Massachusetts on 30th December, Canadian Melodic Hardcore quintet Counterparts took the opportunity to perform a previously unheard new song. Going by the name “Bound to the Burn“, it’s the first

Playthrough: “Rope” from Counterparts!

If there is one band climbing the walls due to the lack of touring it will be Canadian Melodic Hardcore outfit Counterparts. Usually hardened road warriors and with “Nothing Left To Love” still relatively fresh, they’ll be dying to get out and perform those cuts. In the meantime, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of sticksman

NEWS: Counterparts Twice B-Side Themselves!

Pure Noise Records have surprise released a pair of tracks left over from the “Nothing Left To Love” album recording sessions from Ontario Canada Melodic Hardcore crew Counterparts. The pair – “Strings of Separation” and “Purer Form Of Pain” – clock in at just over five minutes together and have appeared on all major streaming

Playthrough: “No Servant Of Mine” from Counterparts!

The Pure Noise Records tour has to go down in history as one of the most impressive Hardcore line-ups to share a stage. Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Terror, Year Of The Knife and Sanction all in one place, at one time?! Madness. From the final show that took place on 24th August 2019 at the