NEWS: Counterparts are born to burn?

“Replace me with a pawn, a victim unaware. The shepherd appointed to a corpse. Bound to the burn. Collected from my cross before my breathing stops. A testament to routine sacrifice. A casket calls my name, cast from my constraint. My final fleeting flame will remain asleep while my airways fill with smoke. How I long to watch the curtains close. Bound to the burn, my calling compromised. Bound to the burn, my dedication dies. Let me leave, I’ve given enough.”

7th October will see Pure Noise Records unveiling what could have been the final album from Canadian Melodic Metalcore outfit Counterparts. Their seventh in all  “A Eulogy For Those Still Here“ finds vocalist Brendan Murphy among other things venting his frustrations at playing music for a living with “Born To Burn” the latest in a trail of breadcrumbs leading up to the albums release.

You can catch Counterparts with Cauldron and Justice For The Damned in the not too distant future…

10/25 London, Camden Underworld
10/26 Edinburgh, The Mash House
10/27 Leeds, Key Club
10/28 Southampton, Joiners
10/29 Cardiff, Throwfest
10/30 Sheffield, Yellow Arch

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