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NEWS: Notions plant trees with “Woodguts”?

Perhaps an obvious choice, set to be sharing stages with Dropout Kings across the US in September are Austin Texas Nu-Metalcore DJentlemen Notions. They’ve dropped a music video for “Woodguts“, a cut from their self titled May released album that also features guest appearances from members of BackWordz and UnityTX as they continue to build after five

NEWS: Dematerialize feeling like summer!

The sun might be setting on summer but it hasn’t stopped Famined Records signings Dematerialize inking a track about it with Kalan Beal from Austin Texas Metalcore crew Notions making a guest appearance. The new cut will appear on the Illinois Progressive Tech Metallers upcoming new record “Omniscience“, which is slated for 19th September.

NEWS: Notions hold the World to Ransom?

We didn’t see it coming so it broadsided us like a Juggernaut on the freeway. Austin Texas Stay Sick Recordings signings Notions have only gone and recorded a cover of “Ransom” by Lil Tecca… Fearless Records should be listening and attempting to snap it up for Punk Goes Pop 101…

NEWS: Notions introduce “Oathkeeper”!

Counting down to the release of “Stay Away” on 26th April via Stay Sick Recordings, Notions are streaming “Oathkeeper”. The Austin Texas Nu-Metalcore with a sprinkling of DJent in their sound are widely tipped to be brining the heat with a highly anticipated album.

NEWS: Notions want you to “Stay Away”!

It can’t be that long before Stay Sick Recordings signings Notions drop a full length album, can it? This new single “Stay Away” adds to the bands previous trio of “Persona”, “Wild Card” and “Outer Heaven”…

NEWS: Notions drop “Persona”!

Hot on the heels of their “Wild Card” single and music video, Notions have released a second cut entitled “Persona” via Attila’s Stay Sick Recordings. The forthcoming as yet unnamed new album from the band is rapidly becoming highly anticipated!

NEWS: Notions release “Wild Card”!

Attila’s Stay Sick Recordings have released a new single from Notions entitled “Wild Card”. The four piece nu-metalcore band with DJent leanings hail from Austin, Texas, while the song is the follow up to previous single “Persona” (though only “Wild Card” has reached Spotify!).