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NEWS: HYL suffer psychedelic hallucinations!

Odium Records recently announced debut album “Where Emptiness is All” of the new band called HYL will be released in May and a second single “Endless Illusions” offers a second glimpse at what it may offer. A new Italian – Polish band started by Rick Costantino (Schizo, Krigere Wolf) who is joined by Shadow (Black

Playthrough: “Into the Unknown” from HYL!

HYL, a new Italian and Polish Black Metal act featuring musicians known for their work in Black Altar, Ofermod, Schizo and Krigere Wolf are set to release their debut album via Odium Records on 20th March. A six track affair, the band have shared so far just one cut in “Into the Unknown” in lyric

NEWS: HYL announce themselves with “Into The Unknown”!

Odium Records has announced the debut album of a new Black Metal act called HYL titled “Where Emptiness is All” will be released on 20th March. Available for pre-order here the band will be far from a mystery for genre lovers as it comprises vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod), guitarist and bassist Rick “R.C.” Costantino

Review: “Consuming The Light” by Eihort

Named after the God of the Labyrinth who appears in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos, Eihort a new Black Metal band, the collaboration of a pair of musicians in A (guitar, bass, recording duties) and Hellishdust (vocals, lyrics, graphic design) who have been working together on various projects for the past 4 years. Based in London,

NEWS: Eihort premier second single from “Consuming the Light”!

Following “Alt Skal Svinne Hen…” by Likheim, the second record to be released by Underground Kvlt Records, the new imprint label of Odium Records has been announced as “Consuming the Light” by Eihort. A new Black Metal band based as the label is in London and consisting of experienced musicians, they wrote, recorded and produced

Review: “Alt Skal Svinne Hen…” by Likheim

Not only is “Alt Skal Svinne Hen…” the debut EP of Likheim but also the very first released from Underground Kvlt Records, a new subsidiary of the infamous Odium Records, making it an intriguing prospect without even having heard a note. For logic dictates that if you’re going to the lengths of creating a new

NEWS: Likheim premier “Alt Skal Svinne Hen…”!

The cold and harsh embrace of Norwegian Black Metal is to be felt by all who dare to listen to debut EP, “Alt Skal Svinne Hen…” meaning ‘all shall disappear’ by Likheim when it drops on 30th May via Underground Kvlt Records, a new subsidiary of renowned Black Metal label, Odium Records. The quartet will

NEWS: “Hark! The Hymns Of War!” unvieled by Vulture Lord!

Swathed in the magnificent artwork of Jengiot Hitam (Abigail, Impiety, Battle Dagorath), “Deathiah Manifesto” will be unleashed on 15th  February via Odium Records, a split between Black Altar and Vulture Lord. One of Vulture Lord’s contributions to this momentous work features the original vocal tracks laid down by original band member Trondr Nefas, who returned

Review: “Desecration Rite” by Vulture Lord

There will be many who aren’t familiar with the work of Vulture Lord and for that we forgive them as it has been many Moons since the last time they spoke in anger. Eighteen long years ago in 2003 “Profane Prayer” was their gift to a dying World and now they have returned to reclaim

NEWS: Vulture Lord loosen their grip with “Stillborn Messiah”!

Vulture Lord have unveiled a second single  from their upcoming “Desecration Rite” album, the first full length that the band have released in eighteen long years. ‘Stillborn Messiah‘ is that very cut, a pitiless attack of violent riffs and blood freezing atmosphere that was written by Trondr Nefas back in 2005. His songs and his