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Bootleg: Inferi at Jesters Lounge in Cleveland Ohio!

Including the classics that are”Behold the Bearer of Light“, “Eyes of Boundless Black” and “The Promethean Kings“, a pro-shot with multi track audio mixed and mastered by Leo Sypniewski full set from Inferi has emerged. It captures the Nashville Tennessee Technical Death Metal masters full fat, high caffeine perfo at Jester’s Lounge in Cleveland Ohio

Bootleg: Inferi in Minnesota!

The Amsterdam Bar and Hall in Minnesota is where Nashville Tennessee Technical Death Metal act Inferi were caught red handed, brining Metal to the Masses in the finest possible way. Whether it’s to relive the moment or witness it for the first time, Leo Sypniewski was the man in the middle with the camera pointing

NEWS: Inferi embrace the blood pact?

About to to out on a month long US run from Chicago back to Nashville with First Fragment, Summoning the Lich and Tómarúm, Technical Death Metal masters Inferi have reached into the void and pulled forth a new single titled “Tainted Pact“. Its only their second single since 2021’s “Vile Genesis“, that of course being May’s

Bootleg: “No God But Our Flesh” from Inferi!

Before heading over to Europe for the Faces Of Death European tour Inferi were caught on camera as they performed “No Gods But Our Flesh” from their new album “Vile Genesis” at The Rock Box in San Antonio Texas. If you haven’t seen the tour poster for their soon to be concluding run with Harbinger,

Playthrough: “Mesmeric Horror” from Inferi!

Now that “Vile Genesis” has landed and Nashville Tennessee Technical Melodic Death Metallers Inferi have announced their presence on the 25th Anniversary tour of Decapitated at the turn of the year, the band have gone back to the grindstone of the rehearsal room to get the set nailed meaning there is no better time for

Playthrough: “Simian Hive” from Inferi!

Simultaneously celebrating the release of their new album “Vile Genesis” and also preparing for the riff fest that will be Polish Death Metal pioneers Decapitated‘s 25th Anniversary tour, Inferi string section Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low perform “Simian Hive” in this new playthrough video. Black Tongue and Heart Of A Coward will also be on

Interview: Inferi on the Metal Blade Live Series!

How long can the Metal Blade Live Series run is the question that we ask ourselves as sooner or later host Riley McShane’s commitments to Allegaeon will surely mean that the man, the myth and the legend will be hitting the road once more. Perhaps Metal Blade Records can trade the host to keep the

NEWS: Inferi share title track of “Vile Genesis”!

Accompanied by an animated music video from Andres Montero Conde, Nashville Tennessee Death Metallers Inferi have thrown us a third single in the title track from their 10th September releasing new album “Vile Genesis“. You shouldn’t need us to tell you that the release will be followed by a January 2022 European tour trek as

NEWS: Inferi escape the “Simian Hive”?

As the build up to 10th September and the release of “Vile Genesis” from Nashville Tennessee Death Metallers Inferi have offered up a second single from it in “Simian Hive” that features no less than three solos. That follows the well received first one in “Mesmeric Horror” which has seen several vinyl pre-order offerings sell

NEWS: Inferi get horrified by the vile genesis!

Lighting the blue touch paper for “Vile Genesis“, out 10th September are Nashville Tennessee Death Metallers Inferi with their scorching new single “Mesmeric Horror”, one of eight brand new tracks on the album available for pre-order over at bandcamp. Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire) at Flatline Audio, those songs