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NEWS: Omnivortex fight Lovecraftian beasts!

Helsinki Finland’s creator’s of hellscapes to remember Omnivortex has returned to their September released sophomore album “Circulate” to give “Harbingers of Cosmic Death” the full red carpet music video treatment it so richly deserves. The purveyors of Technical Blackened Death Metal that strays into war torn Thrash territory as and when required won Wacken Metal

Playthrough: “Mechanical Motions” by Omnivortex!

A close contender for one of our converted top #5 albums of the year that was 2023, “Circulate” from Helsinki Finland Technical Blackened Death metallers Omnivortex was a September release via Inverse Records and the gift that keeps giving. The band tasked bassist Mikael Reinikka with keeping up the promotional campaign and so he picked

Review: “Circulate” by Omnivortex

Having only formed in 2019, Helsinki Finland based the Blackened Technical Death Metal act Omnivortex unleashed a critically acclaimed debut album in “Diagrams of Consciousness” in 2020 which saw them not only tour their homeland relentlessly but also win Wacken Metal Battle Finland 2023 with their fierce live energy. Now that the summer is gone

NEWS: Omnivortex return with “Of Aeons Past”!

You know how when you’re watching the clock, 3 minutes can seem like 3 hours? Well after what seems like eternity but in reality is 70 days, Helsinki Finland Progressive Death Metal protagonists Omnivortex have given us a second single from their 29th September releasing record “Circulate“. Coinciding with the begining of the pre-order campaign,

NEWS: The pain dwells for Omnivortex?

As hinted at on social media, Helsinki Finland Progressive Death Metal protagonists Omnivortex have called time on the era of “Diagrams of Consciousness” with “Dwells“. The new single is the first from a 29th September releasing record titled “Circulate“, the cover art for which is within the stream but currently nowhere else, as is the

Bootleg: “Apotheosis” from Omnivortex!

Helsinki Blackened Technical Death Metal crushers Omnivortex have shared a live recording of “Apotheosis” from their home town throwdown on 9th July. The cut appears on their 18 month old debut album “Diagrams of Consciousness” and begs the question: Just how many sub-genres of Metal can you squeeze into a self description before you’ve covered

Bootleg: “Cephalic Fluid Extraction” from Omnivortex!

Some bands learn their material and play some shows together long before they commit anything to tape while others do the polar opposite, recording and rehearsing for years to get the sound they want before taking to the stage. There is no right and their is no wrong, there just is. So Blackened Technical Death

Bootleg: Omnivortex at Total Death = Total Live!

Ahead of this summer’s fifth incarnation of Helsinki Death Fest which will take place at the end of August in Finland, the organisers put together a live streamed event called Total Death = Total Live. If you missed that, you can watch the full set from Technical Death Metallers Omnivortex culled from the event which

Playthrough: “Apotheosis” from Omnivortex!

Citing influences in Gojira, Revocation and The Black Dahlia Murder, Helsinki, Finland Progressive Death Metal quintet Omnivortex delivered the incredible “Diagrams of Consciousness” in November. Produced by Teemu Aalto (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum), it blew our tiny minds. They’ve let drummer Aaro Koskinen out from his cell for a few laps of the yard and he’s taken

Playthrough: “Cephalic Fluid Extraction” from Omnivortex!

Here’s a guitar playthrough from Omnivortex axe wielding duo Severi Saarioja and Mikko Pylkkö for their Technical Death Metal monster “Cephalic Fluid Extraction“. It’s one which appears on their brilliant debut album “Diagrams of Consciousness“, produced by Teemu Aalto (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum) that is both a punishing and rewarding listen and not for the faint of