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NEWS: Ophelia’s Eye follow the Demons?

Swiss Melodic Death Metallers Ophelia’s Eye, a band who take their name from “The Sandman” from E. T. A. Hoffmann, have shared their first new material since debut EP “Fight For Us” in single “The Demon behind My Mind“. While getting back to playing live last month, they have invested in this one with a story based

Exclusive Interview: Ophelia’s Eye talk “Fight For Us”!

As musicians, Swiss Metallers Ophelia’s Eye have roots that go way back, having played together under other monikers but with their freshly released EP “Fight For Us“, which we have the pleasure of reviewing earlier this week, they have created something of a new beginning with a new line up and a renewed energy. Clear

Review: “Fight For Us” by Ophelia’s Eye

There is a fine line between Melodic Death Metal and the Metalcore era of 2003 which was largely influenced by the Gothenburg sound created by In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates, the pioneers of the genre. Swiss Melodic Death Metallers Ophelia’s Eye take influence from bands on both sides of that great divide,

NEWS:Ophelia’s Eye speak words of destruction!

Swiss Melodic Death Metallers Ophelia’s Eye have set 7th August for “Fight For Us“, their debut EP having solidified their line up during the Pandemic after various incarnations went their separate ways. The band have unveiled “Speak Words Of Destruction” to give us a flavour of what they’re all about, promising an assault of the