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NEWS: Prison break with Oppressor!

Slamming Beatdown Deathcore act Oppressor dropped three track EP “Prison” back in October and have gone full cycle with a lyric video for “Plagas” rounding out the release cycle. You can snap up a copy of it over at bandcamp with the band citing our very own Sheffield Shredders Malevolence as an influence…

NEWS: 44Solution head to the “Homicide District”!

What do you do when someone’s stupid face makes you puke?! You record a Beatdown Hardcore track about it and vent your spleen! That’s what 44Solution have done with their latest single “Homicide District“. Featuring members of Beyond the Matrix, Enemy BD, Rehen, Opressor, Last Stand 414 and more, it’s the bands second single which

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Surprises of 2019!

Between Christmas and New Year it’s Listmania season here at Metal Noise. We bang our heads together, have a few beers and celebrate The Good, The Bad and The downright Ugly of the past year with a bunch of short lists of things we think are worthy of note. So today’s action is the Top

Review: “Prison” EP by Oppressor

It must be with some pride that Sheffield Shredders Malevolence look upon their achievements to date. About to tour Europe with Knocked Loose, a third album on the way and a phenomenal live show reputation, their influence has been felt far and wide. But to see a band from South America representing with a t-shirt

Bootleg: Oppressor in Panama!

Filmed at the Armonica Shop in Panama City on 20th July, here’s a full set from hometown heroes Oppressor! The Beatdown Hardcore quartet dropped their debut EP “Prison” last week and we have a review of it on the way!