Review: “Prison” EP by Oppressor

It must be with some pride that Sheffield Shredders Malevolence look upon their achievements to date. About to tour Europe with Knocked Loose, a third album on the way and a phenomenal live show reputation, their influence has been felt far and wide. But to see a band from South America representing with a t-shirt in their music video must be something special. Formed in May 2018 in Panama City Beatdown Hardcore quartet Oppressor come from Latin American roots with influences in Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. Their debut single “Asfalto” (or “Asphalt”) appeared a year later on the 164 Beatdown Crew compilation “Songs That Will Make You Crowdkill Your Own Grandma” and now it’s time for their October debut EP “Prison” to find it’s way to Metal Noise.

It probably won’t surprise you that Oppressor choose Spanish as their language of choice for their vocals. Opening track “Prision” (or “Prison”) is about life in the lonely prison of the mind, not being able to escape and not wanting to die. Anvil heavy riffs from high gauge strings give a weighty sound while the Beatdown Hardcore bark is joined by some Deathcore growls and Slam savagery. Shifting tempos like a snake moving across the Sahara, Oppressor incorporate a faster midsection before dropping it down a couple of gears to almost Betrayer esq Downtempo groove. The aforementioned lead single “Asfalto” (or “Asphalt”) is about the fakes, liars and naysayers who don’t amount to a hill of beans themselves and wanting them to kiss the dirt. The sentiment isn’t lost amongst a battering of jackhammer kit work and Slam growls and a couple of “Bleigh!” moments make for a nice touch. Primal, furious and fun, it’s a blunt force trauma of a track. “Plagas” (or “Pests”) is one about losing faith in humanity and those that surround us, not wanting to fight and giving in to the pests. Changing the style ever so slightly in the riff department and throwing in a few pause break tempo shifts make for a headbangable listen. Part Slamming Deathcore and part Beatdown Hardcore, smashed together in a single track, the low and slow grooves of the final, skull crushing downtempo breakdown are a must. Please Oppressor, can we have some more? [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Prision
  2. Asfalto
  3. Plagas

“Prison” by Oppressor is out now and available via bandcamp

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