Review: “Desecration” EP by Ifreann

Appearing 13 months after debut EP “Unearthly” sophomore EP “Desecration” from Edinburgh based Thrash Metal quintet Ifreann sees then looking to combine old school Thrash aesthetics with modern edge and techniques to formulate their potion for World domination. Formed in 2015 they took the name ‘Ifreann‘┬átranslated from the Irish for ‘Hell‘ as their own and cite influences in Big Ten acts Exodus, Testament and Overkill. So what do Ian Gil (vocals), Alania Lenanova (guitars), Jacob Nicolson (bass), Euan Henderson (drums) and Ben Sanders (guitars) have to offer with the second offering to Metal Gods?

Ripping off the plaster straight out of the gates of hell “Of Blade & Blackened Wing” does exactly what Ifreann are looking to achieve. Old school Thrash tones straight out of 1984 are overlayed with some vibrant lead flourishes with the high energy you receive after sucking down a can of Monster before leaping onto an electric fence. The quality of the recording is second to none, it’s been well mixed and mastered with no muddy waters and the rhythm section of Nicolson and Henderson produce and powerhouse performance not only on this opening ceremony of the damned but throughout the EP. The vitriolic “Raised In Hate” screams lyrically about racist and intolerant behaviour being both unacceptable and rife when vocalist Gil was growing up and they’ve turned that sentiment into a headbangable classic Thrash cut. A couple of well timed and surprisingly progressive solo and lead riffs show off some more technical guitar work and you can’t help but thinking that this band would be the perfect support act for Power Trip it The Black Dahlia Murder the next time they’re in the vicinity. Perhaps more realistically in the immediate future, shows with Road Mutant and Inhuman Nature would be incredible. “Messiah” changes gear for a rager of a track with Gil producing some venomous throat shredding vocals and mixing up the pitching to focus the lyrics like sharpening the blade. “Crushed By Tyranny” features a couple of choice breakdown moments while a climbing, soaring solo reminiscent of “Ember To Inferno” era Trivium is a highlight to close the book on a high. Someone needs to get this band signed up because they have got what it takes [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Of Blade & Blackened Wing
  2. Raised In Hate
  3. Messiah
  4. Crushed By Tyranny

Desecration” EP by Ifreann is out now and is available over at bandcamp

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