Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Surprises of 2019!

Between Christmas and New Year it’s Listmania season here at Metal Noise. We bang our heads together, have a few beers and celebrate The Good, The Bad and The downright Ugly of the past year with a bunch of short lists of things we think are worthy of note. So today’s action is the Top 5x Biggest Surprises of 2019…

1. Thom Gardner leaves Harbinger

Not something we foresaw in any script anywhere and after a hugely successful run together that saw not only an incredible debut full length in “Compelled To Suffer” but also a tour with Nekrogoblikon and Rings Of Saturn across Europe, we never thought we’d see the day, but the big man has exited stage left. Sad times.

2. Gutalax release “Dogma” inspired music video!

Quite how Czech Republic Gore Grind act Gutalax managed to get the funding to shoot the incredible video for “S***busters” we’ll never know. But they did and damn they certainly made it work!

3. Oppressor drummer wears Malevolence tee in music video!

Sheffield Shredders Malevolence are a much loved band in these parts so when we spotted that Slamming Beatdown Hardcore crew Oppressor from Panorama no less have a drummer with a Malevolence T-Shirt in their video for¬† “Asfalto” which popped back in October, we were like…? Say What? That’s what we call representing!

4. Road Mutant guitarist Tom Cronin unveils new Death Metal project!

You’d think he had more than enough on his plate with being in the Red Zone but no. He’s put his money where his mouth his and lifted the veil on Celestial Sanctuary! Their debut EP is available here

5. Louder hail Ghost vocalist Tobias Forge their “Metal Artist of the Decade“. We’ll freely admit that all we seem to hear these days is “Ghost this” and “Ghost that” and having heard their recorded material, we simply don’t get what all the fuss is about. Louder do. They wrote this article here. Of all the people that we could think of who have been in the Metal game, Tobias Forge is the last person we think is deserving of this award. Are we alone?!

You want one more?! Isn’t that against the rules? Oh well, it’s Christmas! Our favourite Party Deathcore merchants Dr Acula released a single “Egg Monsters From Mars“, their first in 7 years if you count “Nation” as their last album. After all, they went through so many line up changes and this new track is with their OG line-up who have been playing a handful of shows of late…

This piece was sponsored by a Galaxy Ripple. Not that we’re Chocolatist in any way. It just sort of happened. You know.

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