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Review: “Origins” by Depleted Uranium

Over the past decade or so Depleted Uranium have been fusing together Math Metal and Power Violence from their Toronto, Ontario home as a collective of friends and former band mates. As the title suggests, “Origins” is a piece of work comprising material written ten years ago when the band first got together, a history

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with David Pope from Siderian!

Christmas Day saw us introduce a new interview style and a bit of get to know you fun with Weaponry frontman Al Bristow that went down an absolute storm. So we’ve thrown some fuel onto the already raging inferno with a second along similar lines that this time sees Siderian frontman David Pope in the

NEWS: Depleted Uranium hail alpha and omega!

The prequel to the sequel is “Origins“, the upcoming 28th January 2022 album from Toronto’s Depleted Uranium which consists of ten cuts from their early years, telling a history of who they are and where they come from. They’ve chosen the natural second single “Beta Particles” to follow “Alpha Particles” to tempt you into one

Interview: Depleted Uranium talk “Origins” with Antichrist Magazine TV!

Having thrown first single “Alpha Particles” in our direction earlier this month, Canadians Depleted Uranium have continued the build up to album “Origins” with an interview with Antichrist Magazine TV that sees all four of members of the Math Metal Power Violence act caught on camera. Material for “Origins” was written ten years ago when

Exclusive Interview: Siderian talk Rabidfest!

Following our admission that a footlong Subway was consumed for the first time in two years since Upsurge Festival in 2019 during Rabidfest at The Bullingdon in Oxford in our interview with Weaponry frontman Al Bristow about the event, it’s time we diverted some attention. So here are the thoughts of Siderian vocalist David Pope

NEWS: Depleted Uranium return to roots…

Raised from the ground like a buried time capsule, Canadian Math Metal Power Violence quartet Depleted Uranium are gearing up to release an album called “Origins”, which features material inked over a decade ago when the band first got together. The first taste of that comes in the form of  “Alpha Particles” and is meant

NEWS: Empathy deliver the “Manifest”!

Deathcore anyone? Hailing from Streamwood Illinois, Empathy have released a second tease for their upcoming new album “Times Have Changed” via Chugcore Promotions. Entitled “Manifest” and featuring Shane Wegener of Origins, it’s both brutally heavy and as Tech-Metal as they come! The single and April 2017 EP “Running from Happiness” are both available from bandcamp.