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Riff Police! Pull Over! #141: Savatage Vs Sabaton!

Lawyers all over the globe have their ears trained and their pencils sharpened for our weekly lethal dose of possible plaigarism that we do for s**** and giggles because we can. Don’t go writing in folks, it’s just for fun. You know, what we used to get from going to gigs, crowd surfing and… Facing

Exclusive Interview: Enigmatical talk Transmission EP series!

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Enigmatical band are comprised of multi instrumentalist The Entity who handles guitars, bass, keyboards, samples and programming alongside a vocalist simply named The Voice. Together they have forged a trilogy of EP’s called “Transmission” that first appeared on the bandcamp frequency in March 2019 and came to an end in October 2020.

NEWS: Weeping Wound return to the pain they know?

Nu-Metalcore is the style that South West Florida quartet Weeping Wound have chosen to make their own for their debut full length album “Pain” which is out now via Stay Sick Recordings. The band have returned to it for a much video for “OvrDozr” and while we can’t usually be bothered with the whole word corruption thing

Bootleg: Falcifer in Sydney!

Formed in 2017 and announcing themselves with “Theta”, Australian Metallic Hardcore quintet Falcifer signed to Greyscale Records in 2020 for their sophomore EP “Pain“. Pro-shot at the Metro Theatre in Sydney Australia on 18th January 2029, here’s a full set from them. The EP is available over at bandcamp.

Review: “Pain” EP by Falcifer

Recording “Pain” with by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios before passing it to Lance Prenc for Mixing & Mastering, Adelaide Australian act Falcifer have made fans wait an incredible 1,250 days between EPs. Announcing their signing to Greyscale Records they joined a sold out Invasion Fest 2020 which set the tone for a new era

Live Review: Lindemann @ O2 Forum, Kentish Town, London

Do Lindemann really need an introduction? Well… The unmistakable Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann is joined by Multi Instrumentalist and Producer extraordinaire Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy and PAIN fame to create a super group, having originally met in 2000 and become friends before agreeing to collaborate in 2013. The pair have gone on to create a

Bootleg: “Washed//Up” from Falcifer!

Adelaide Australian act Falcifer may have made fans wait an incredible 1,250 days between EPs but they did appear at UNIFY Gathering in 2019 from which “Washed//Up” was caught on camera. 6th March will see them deliver on their promise with “Pain” dropping via Greyscale Records. An official music video for the title track dropped

NEWS: Falcifer announce “Pain”!

Having announced their signing to Greyscale Records and joined a sold out Invasion Fest 2020 that saw the likes of Knocked Loose, Jesus Piece, Alpha Wolf and Malevolence take to the stage, Falcifer have set a 6th March date for their upcoming sophomore EP “Pain“. It comes 1,250 days after their October 2016 debut EP

Review: “Crucify Me” by Dead Crown

After the release of their EP “Come Hell” it only seemed natural that Portland Oregon residents Dead Crown would get picked up by Stay Sick Recordings. They’re a perfect fit for the kind of band that have been appearing on their roster of late and so to see the quartet – Brent Sheffield (Bass), Bryton

NEWS: Lindemann European Tour!

Given the huge popularity of German Industrial Metal Titans Rammstein and Swedish Death Metallers Hypocrisy and Industrial project PAIN, there can’t be many that don’t know about 22nd November. That will see the sophomore album from Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren supergroup Lindemann entitled “F&M” popping its cherry in follow up to “Skills In Pills“.