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NEWS: Reawacan sing the “Sad Serenade”!

The return of German Death Metal duo Reawacan with a new EP in “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” this weekend is an absolute pleasure following their self titled debut album in 2019 and with two new cuts and two covers, of Motörhead and Celtic Frost they have reaffirmed their credentials and if you don’t believe

Review: “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” by Reawacan

After almost a decade of not playing any form of Metal music former Lacrima Christi duo Dan Krieger (vocals, guitar, bass) and Marco Gebert (drums) formed Reawacan (from the old English for “Reawaken” in 2017 in Kassel Germany. Working with German producer Andy Classen the band quickly found the right mix of brutality and melody

NEWS: Reawacan share first single from “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling”!

Hailing from Kassel Germany, Avante-Garde Blackened Death Metal duo Reawacan (from Old English – meaning “reawaken“) are poised to release EP “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” on 23rd October. The band, who hadn’t played Metal music for over a decade until their rebirth with 2019’s self titled album have shared “Into Proliferation” to get your