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Review: “No Puppets” by Kick Me Out

Is it possible to have a classic punk sound, combined with Metalcore influences? Female fronted quintet Kick Me Out certainly believe it is. Resurrected from the ashes of previous project Deadman’s Switch, trio Leander van Bijnen, Fons van Wegen and Boudewijn Jansen found Nienke Schimmel and Rowan Maris to round out their lineup before releasing

Review: “Castle Bravo” by Arimea

A place that offers a decent number of venues and of course a University full of residents to attend gigs, Oxford has always had a thriving Metal scene and thanks to the annual march to Bloodstock’s New Blood stage via the Metal To The Masses tournament, we’ve been introduced to a few of those bands

Review: “Rebirth” EP from Cryosphere

Hailing from Roskilde in Denmark, Cryosphere are a band known as much for their dual headed male and female vocal hydra as much as anything else. “Rebirth” is perhaps a significant title as it signifies the departure of guitarist Mathias Lampbropoulos to be replaced by Glen Petersen-Jessen. They have a reputation for infusing Progressive Metal

NEWS: Burying a Friend with atWood!

Italian Alternative quartet atWood have returned with a second in session rehearsal cover song. Having shared “Decode” by Paramore just yesterday,  today they’ve now gone with “Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish! What we want next is their own “Black Mirror”!

NEWS: atWood cover Paramore in session!

Our friends in atWood have started what looks to be a series of live rehearsal videos of cover songs. First out of the late is their version of “Decode” by Paramore! Having previously covered Billie Eilish, the female fronted Alternative band from Milan Italy also have debut EP “At Odds” out now. Check out our

NEWS: Cryosphere celebrate “Wolves And Kings”!

Hailing from Roskilde, Danish Alternative Melodic Metalcore band Cryosphere released single “Wolves And Kings” in October via Bandcamp and following it up with a surprise Paramore cover at the turn of the year! That single has finally got a music video from the six piece.