Review: “Rebirth” EP from Cryosphere

Hailing from Roskilde in Denmark, Cryosphere are a band known as much for their dual headed male and female vocal hydra as much as anything else. “Rebirth” is perhaps a significant title as it signifies the departure of guitarist Mathias Lampbropoulos to be replaced by Glen Petersen-Jessen. They have a reputation for infusing Progressive Metal with Pop, Classical and Metalcore influences to create both light and shade…

…The EP title track is merely an introduction piece of orchestral work orientated around acoustic guitar to bring in lead single “Wolves & Kings“. It sets the mood and clears the mind before flowing into the first tune proper. Siren’s clean vocals act as the beauty to the uncleans of Anders Elleskov’s beast while some epic grandeur plays out, mixing up the builds of Progressive Metal with some more traditional Metal drops. There are a few obvious comparisons with some of the elements in the more progressive material in the arsenal of Jinjer, especially during the Eastern European folk inspired bass solo burst. A Paramore cover might not be what you’d expect from a band like Cryosphere but being a six piece and having the extra guitar and vocalist gives the track so much more punch and attitude as they make it their own. As you’d expect, Sirene takes the lead in the vocals in a role reversal to “Wolves & Kings” and the second guitar makes all the difference. The rhythms of the song are highlighted by a continuous lead flourish that takes it to a whole new level in its reinterpretation. “Reflections” may not be a new song but is extended out to just over 5 and a half minutes. Heartfelt vocals bring in the thunderous grooves that boarder on DJent while the leads from Emil Tronborg are the sail that captures the wind and takes the bands ship out to sea. There is an aspect of beauty in the progressive elements and when a spoken word accompanies a similar acoustic melody as “Rebirth“, it wraps around nicely. Yes there are a couple of pitching issues in the clean vocals in places and a little accented nuance in the spoken word but it adds to the charm. Please sir, can we have some more? [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Rebirth (Instrumental)
  2. Wolves & Kings
  3. Let The Flames Begin (Paramore Cover)
  4. Reflections (Extended Edition)

“Rebirth” by Cryosphere is out now

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