Review: “Disquisition On An Execution” by The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Having just wrapped up a US tour run with Cattle Decapitation on 1st March 2022, vocalist John Robert Centorrino, bassist Mike Menocker and drummer Steven Sanchez exited stage left from Mansfield Pennsylvanian Downtempo Deathcore collective The Last Ten Seconds Of Life without explanation, leaving guitarist Wyatt McLaughlin holding the baby. Only the thinnest of statements were made, no finger pointing or bullshit or mention of amicable departure, just simply words to the effect of “our time in the band is done“. In the aftermath of that sudden and altogether unexpected news, just a month into the release cycle for the bands well received self titled Unique Leader Records releasing album, they were forced to pull out of a European tour with Shadow Of Intent that will take place in January 2023. If there was a question about the future of the band, it was answered with the news of an August show, the booking of studio time and the arrival of Tyler Beam (Promise Breaker), Andrew Petway and Dylan Potts joining as vocalist, bassist and drummer, respectively…

That studio time saw “Disquisition on an Execution” recorded at Atrium Audio (Nights Of Malice, Erra), a new EP for a new reign of terror from a new line up of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, who had previously had a revolving door of members but never quite on this scale and never during arguably their most successful period… Symphonic touches enhance the adamantium skeleton of “Dreams Of Extermination“, giving it momentary ethereal touches as it crushes everything in its path with the sheer weight of the bands sound. As you would expect, staccato riff breaks, jackhammer footwork and bellowed unclean vocals play out with powerhouse tempo changes, dark, sinister and menacing atmospheres culling the herd. Its a brutal opening and a powerful statement piece, a demonstration of power from a prize fighter with a first round knock out. “Retribution” continues the trend with Potts metronomically annihilating the weak with the kind of inhuman kit performance that leaves jaws on the floor. A ripper of a face melting Death Metal solo from McLaughlin and a chant-able chorus are the Chefs kiss that confirm that this new line up not only have The Last Ten Seconds Of Life sound nailed on but also have a sharpened edge of their own, the solo or par with the one in “Altar of Poison“. That familiar Deathcore groove accompanied by rap screams brings in “Liberation“, the kind of cut that would have Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri turning his head if he ever heard it and a stone cold winner for mosh pit activities. A brutal downtempo finale causing the foundations beneath your feet to shake and volcanos to smoke, something which continues into the obvious single “Annihilation Phenomena” as Tyler Beam gives us the kind of vocal performance that burns the throat just listening to it. The dark harsh whispered passage mid track adding that sense of tension and atmosphere before the glass shattering final break down section that breaks every window in the neighbourhood. “Disquisition on an Execution” maybe a fresh start but its also a phenomenally well executed continuation of the journey down the left hand path that was their self titled album, silently stating that Wyatt McLaughlin is the mastermind behind the project [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Dreams Of Extermination
  2. Retribution
  3. Liberation
  4. Annihilation Phenomena

Disquisition On An Execution” by The Last Ten Seconds Of Life is out now via Unique Leader Records

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